Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Durham with the girls

Durham, City Boathouse

City Boathouse, Caravan Club Certificated Location. At the Durham Amateur Rowing Club on the banks of the river wear, 10 min walk from the centre of Durham. Electrics are available as are toilets and showers when the club is open (most of the day).

Day one, August 12th 2012

We had booked a couple of nights at the CC CL in Durham city intending to take the twins but had forgotten that Ralph would be bringing Amber up that week as well. No problem we could fit Amber in, she is only little after all, but Ralph informed us that he was also binging Chelsie, not so easy.

The van is a five berth but we were going to have to fit six in, although as I have said, Amber is only little after all.

Ralph drove up with us and we met up with Georgia and Emily there (Nicole and Tim went straight off) and Ralph didn't hang about for long.

So me and the five girls set off for a walk along the river into the city.

The Durham Cow

It was Sunday and by the time we made it to the shops there wasn't much shopping time left (yippee). We basically just had a walk into the centre had ice creams and walked back.


After some discussion, the Twins had the bunk beds, Chelsie had the large bed and Amber slept up top with me and Dot.

It was the closing ceremony of London 2012 and our TV reception was useless (yet again the sat receiver wasn't in the van), so we had to watch on line, that used up many times my internet allowance.

Day two, August 13th 2012

We had the fishing nets in with us and first thing, the girls all went down to the river to see if they could catch anything.   To my surprise they did catch some little fish.  


Later we walked along the river into the city again but before the shops we visited the cathedral. We spent some time in the small cathedral museum, with the girls doing a quiz and dressing up. They even had a go at building an arch from blocks.


After the shops I managed to get a beer, we all sat outside the Swan and Three Signets for one before the walk back. I also had a beer back at the Rowing Club bar, when I went over to pay for the pitch. One thing I haven't mentioned is that the hard standing that had been promised for a couple of years is now complete.

Day three, August 14th 2012

Looking out of the van window to the river Wear, I spotted a Kingfisher in the trees hanging over the river.   This is the first Kingfisher I have ever seen, I only just managed to grab my camera before it flew off.


The girls fished with nets again first thing, before we left for the seaside.

We drove from Durham to Blackhall for fish and chips and then to the parking area with a sea view above Crimdon Dene to eat them. We used this particular chip shop because they are very good, well they are not any more. The chips were horrible, I will not be back there, it did look like it was under new management as well.

The girls had a good day on the beach and in the sea getting very wet as usual. 


I spent the time sat in the sand dunes out of the breeze, trying to take macro photos of various tiny insects and snails.

Later we stopped off at a play park on the way home. I sat in the van reading my book while the girls played. When they came back, a guy form the house we parked outside, complained to the little ones that that the van was in his way. What a big man, I was sat in the van in clear view of the house all the time and he didn't say a thing to me. He soon disappeared when I asked him about it.

So the van is away for now and probably will not be used again until December.