Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First trip with the van fixed

The first trip after we had the van fixed was a week away in York and Thirsk, before a rush home, then off to Centre Parcs, without the van, with Nicole, Tim and the Girls.

York from 08/06/14 to 13/06/14

Sunday 08/06/14

Arrived at the York site only to find everything different from last time we where there. All of the pitches that were for an awning, now where only for no awning, so we had one of the few awning pitches up against the fence. All of the awning pitches were useless for getting a satellite reception, so we had to do without, although we did have to get an TV areal lead while we were out. The York site has always been different but this is very strange and ridiculous, that is all I will say.

We had a walk out, bought a TV areal lead (for an absolute load cheaper than the club site shop) and had a drink in the Kings Arms later on, before heading back. I think we watched Soccer Aid that night.

Monday 09/06/14

This is one of those days where I can not remember much about what went on at all.  I do however know I had some good beers but the photos are all really bleared.

Tuesday 10/06/14

Up nice and early and off to the train station, for our prearrange trip to Harrogate. We arrived early at the station, as it didn't take as long to walk there as we thought it would. We sat about on the station platform waiting for the train and took a couple of photos, taking photos is something I have not been doing much since my stroke.

York Station Inside, York Station

We had a return tickets, for two, for about £12, we had to travel outside rush hour but that didn't matter to us. A nice quiet ride and we arrived in Harrogate just before eleven.

After a walk around the centre of Harrogate we went to Spoons for our lunch. I had a couple of pints with my dinner, sat outside in the sun and I really enjoyed it, it was also very cheap.


After lunch we had another walk around and then had a long sit in the sun on the green.

After that we went into the pub at the side of the green and had a drink outside, in the sun again. We had a chat with an old lady (she wasn't that much older than us I suppose), all about the Tour de France, which would be ending in Harrogate on Day One. The start of the Tour de France was not a long way long off, but where as York was full of yellow bicycles stuck up everywhere, there was next to nothing here.

Started to rain

After another look around the shops and a few small buys we ended up in another pub until it was time to get the train back to York.

Wednesday 11/06/14

We had bought tickets for a York City bus ride and wandered of to the closest stop to the campsite, only that didn't work. As this year they had changed the bus route, although the bus stop sign still had the bus tour up there on it. So we wasted time waiting for a bus that didn't come, we eventually gave up and walked into town.

In town we did get the bus but it was a lot shorter ride than it used to be, anyway we had cheap tickets from Tesco.

Bus ride in York

After the bus ride we had a wander round the town centre, where there were plenty of signs that the tour was due here soon.

York just before the tour

For tea we had more vouchers from Tesco, that we used in Bella Italia, the meal did take some time to come but we where not in a rush.

Thursday 12/06/14

We did what we usual do when we have time in York, we walked into town by heading the wrong way and crossing over the footbridge, before heading back in.


There is this new place down by the river, a new pub/restaurant, with seating outside overlooking the river. It is built where the toilets used to be just below Lendle Bridge.  Anyway we had a couple of beers in there before we wandered off for tea.

The new pub in York

For tea we had vouchers from Tesco again, so we used them for another Italian meal, I can not remember the name of the place but it was nice.  It could have been Zizzi.

Tea Time

I also tried an Italian beer while we were in there.

Menabrea, Menabrea 1846, Italy Menabrea, Menabrea 1846, Italy

Back at the van I watched the first match of the world cup, Brasil beat Croatia 3 - 0.

Thirsk from 13/06/14 to 15/06/14

Friday 13/06/14

On arrival in Thirsk we found that yet again, we had a pitch up against the fence, this time we had without awning and all of the main pitches were with awning, completely opposite to York, that is all I will say.

We set up and then wandered into town and had our tea on Spoons.  Where I also took in another match of the world cup, before heading back.

Saturday 14/06/14

Day two was spent very quietly, back into spoon for tea.

On the night there was a party going on somewhere close by and the noise was terrible, I thought I might stop around midnight but it didn't.  I was watching the England game, which was on very late and the noise was still going on after the game.  I think it was after two before it stopped.

Sunday 15/06/14

We were supposed to get shopping in for our next trip away with Nicole, Tim and the girls but we couldn't be bothered, so we just went home.