Friday, 30 September 2016

Two Days at Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site 2016

Dot was still off work so after her Dads birthday, we looked for somewhere else to go for a couple of days, unfortunately we had to be back for physio and dentist appointments after then. So we just booked the Caravan Club site in Thirsk on the racecourse for the two nights.

20th September to the 23rd

Tuesday 20th September

We arrived in Thirsk not too long after twelve and for the first time ever, we were given one of the three pitches facing over the racecourse. A very nice spot to be pitched in.

We got set up and only used the aerial for the TV, it was not worth bothering with the sat. Eventually we went out for a walk, we went through the town, looked in some of the shops, then wandered over one of the bridges. It wasn't that long before we crossed over the other bridge back into town and continued with our shopping. I bought a couple of new beers from the off licence near The Three Tons pub and we got a couple of other things close by.

Eventually though it was time for tea (I have just recently realised that the word tea and its meaning for the early evening meal, is not widely known, anyway we wanted food), so we went into The Three Tons. Yes another Wetherspoons pub but they are very cheep and most are very nice places, this one is anyway.

After tea and a couple of pints, I had Arcadia, Thunder Trail, from the USA (actually from the Caledonian brewery Scotland), dot had lager, we made our way back to the campsite. We called into Tesco on the way back but we didn't need anything except milk.

Wednesday 21st September

Not as sunny today as yesterday but not cold at all so after lunch we went out for a walk again. This time we wandered off towards the church and then down by the river. We were going to have a longer walk but Dot didn't feel to well, so we sat by the river instead.

After the sit we made our way into town and Dot got an ice cream, I on the other hand bought some more bottled beer (I wonder where that went, I put is somewhere). We then sat in the town square while Dot ate her ice cream and we decided what to do next. Well we had another wander about the shops before giving up and going back in to Spoons for tea.

The White Horse Cafe

Tea was good as usual and I tried a different beer, Naylor's, Origaninal Liquorice Libation, this is what I wrote 4.4% black in colour with a nice head, the aroma is blackcurrant and something strange, the taste is a stout with Iiquorice and blackcurrant not that good at all, went back to the one I had yesterday after that one.

Soon it was time to wander back to the van and watch TV.

Thursday 22nd September

We had plenty of time to get ready to head off home but we just sorted stuff out and off we went.

Two Days at Akebar Park

Dot was off work and we were not out this Saturday, so we looked for somewhere not too far away to go in the van. Akebar Park was a place we used quite a lot when the kids where little but have not been much at all recently, I think we went with the twins ones, a long time ago though. Anyway we booked two nights there.

17th September to the 19th

Saturday 17th September

We managed to book in for the Saturday and Sunday, we had to be back home on Monday for Dots Dads 92nd birthday. We arrived at the site, booked in and found a site, it was quite busy with a lot of tents but not too bad. The tents I am on about are bigger than the van, even bigger that any of the caravans but thankfully most of them were quiet at night.

Akebar Park

Akebar Park
Wensleydale, North Yorkshire

If you do not have a car there is plenty of walking to do there but we went just there for a rest. We just sat around most of the afternoon, reading and watching TV. Later we went for a walk up to the bar, only it was too full, so we just wandered back to the van.


We had plenty of beer back there anyway. So we just spent the night down on the site by the van sat in the sun, then moved in to watch TV.

Sunday 18th September

Another quiet morning sat in the sun reading, very relaxing. Eventually we wandered up to the bar again and this time it was quite empty. As was most of the site, many people had moved off this morning, most to be back at work tomorrow and kids back to school. We had a couple of beers sat outside in the sun before wandering back down to the van.

Akebar Park The bar Akebar Park

Back there we had our tea before we watched the F1GP repeat on CH4 and the Paralympics before bed, the satellite wasn't working, something to look into later.

As I said it was a very quiet relaxing two days away and I enjoyed it immensely.