Thursday, 4 February 2016

First Trip, York 2016

York 24th to 27th of Jan 2016

Sunday Jan 24th

We arrived in York not long after twelve and was surprised to see how much room there was on site. The warden said that it had been full on Friday and Saturday nights though.

As I was getting set up and Dot was over reception getting the keys, I discovered that I had forgot the TV. I had also taken all of the laptops out and left them at home, so we would have to go without TV for a few days.

After lunch we set off into town, the first thing we did was pop into Argos just to have a looks at the TV's but didn't get one, we just carried on with our walk. We did however look in several other shops at the TV's on our walk, but still didn't get one. Eventually, after a good walk around and close to closing time, we ended up back in Argos and bought a new TV.

From there we headed into Spoons the Postern Gate for something for tea and a couple of pints. I did not have my camera with me so there are no new beer photos (the new stuff was awful anyway) but I think that I had three. I only had the one new beer, it was awful so the rest were good old Abbots. We both had the same to eat, Chicken Ticker Wraps with Chips, I had a pint of Abbots and Dot had a Vodka and Coke, all for just less than a tenner.

Back at the van we got the TV working and had a nice night watching, I also had another beer.

Monday Jan 25th

I woke about two, with my heart out of rhythm, this is twice this has happened after arriving in the van and also once after a drive to France. It went back to normal at about ten but it is not good at all. I think it may have something to do with not having breakfast but I could be something else.

So we had a quiet morning and most of the afternoon before walking into town. We walked along the campsite side of the river, as far as the rail bridge then crossed over and walked back to the shops. After a short walk around the shops we went into the Slug And Lettuce by the river for tea.

It was Monday so it was two for one from the menu in there, although the beer is not cheep. Dot had the Italian Style Chicken and I had the Smothered Chicken not the best but not bad for around a tenner.

Then it was back to the van for a rest after my heart incident on the morning, from the Slug And Lettuce we walked passed The Kings but it was still closed after the floods, shame.

Once back, we watched TV again, I did have several bottles of Budweiser and Dot had a bottle of white wine, so much for not drinking.

Tuesday Jan 26th

All ok last night and I felt a lot better than the previous day.

So after lunch we hit the town shopping, I got shoes and a shirt (a Ben Sherman), not too sure what Dot bought but I am sure it was something she needed.

Eventually it was time to head to a pub for tea, but first we went into one of the Smiths bubs in the center, for a pint of Old Brewery Bitter for me and an Organic Wheat Beer for Dot. After that we headed back to the Postern Gate, the food there is very cheap but edible and there is a large selection of beers. After our first drinks, a Great Heck, Shankar IPA and a Disaronno and Coke, we ordered food. The Shankar IPA was not nice at all so with our food we got the same drinks as our last visit. So again I had a pint of Abbots and Dot had a Vodka and Coke but this time we had Tandoori chicken wraps with chips, all for just less than a tenner.

It was a bit later when we got back to the van but not that late and we had the TV to watch.

Wednesday Jan 27th

Up in plenty of time to get the van sorted and left fairly early, it was due to get windy again so it was straight home.