Friday, 18 November 2016

Bowness-on-Windermere, October 2016

Time away with the girls for half term

This trip, unlike the last one has been booked for quite a while, it is to meet up with Nicole, Tim and the girls for a break at half term. The site, Park Resorts Fallbarrow Park, right in Bowness is perfect for visiting but very expensive. I would normally give a place that costs this much a miss (it was nearly twice as much as most sites) but we were meeting up with the girls and would have them in the van for the last two days. It is right on the lake though.

29th Oct to the 2nd Nov

Saturday 29th October

We were supposed to meet up with the others for dinner but got a message on the way there to say they were going out and would meet up later. So that gave us time to get there and get set up, it also allowed for the Sat Nav to take us down all the smallest roads it could find on the way there.

Looking over the lake

Park Resorts, Fallbarrow Park

After we arrived and got set up we had something to eat and watched the practise for the Mexico Grand Prix. We then wandered over to see the others, their log cabin was really nice. Nichole, Tim Dot and Me took the dog for a walk (they have a dog now, Sydney and he is really nice), the girls would not move so it was just us.

We walked into town and went to the The Angel Inn, for a beer, we are on holiday, we got a table outside in the rain for Sydney but it stopped almost straight away. We sat with another lady with a dog and chatted about the area. We didn't stop out long as we got a phone call from the girls asking when we would be back, as they were hungry.


We went straight to the bar on site for supper but it was fairly full, noisy and there was no room for the dog. So we all went back to the lodge and ordered pizza from a takeaway instead. We had plenty of beers with us, so that was all sorted. We watched TV for a while before we left for bed, back in the van.

We were not very pleased with all the noies coming from the bar area until midnnight and then all of the noies coming from the campers making there way home, some sounded like very young childeren. It seems that the more you pay for a campsite the more noisy it is on a night.

Sunday 30th October

After breakfast, we went over and met the others, then set off towards the lake to catch a ferry up the lake to Ambleside. Luckily we arrived just as one was getting ready to go, although we had to queue for a short while though. It was about now that I realised I didn't have my camera with me, so today it was just my phone camera to use.

When we arrived at the top end of the lake, we took the longer walk into Ambleside, following the side of the lake. We came across the ruins of a Roman fort facing down the lake, I did not even know that these were here, there is not much left though.

Next we next went for some dinner, and again sat outside the pub, the White Lion Hotel, a nice place. Three of us has Sunday dinner and three of us had a large burger, I had a burger and wish I had had the Sunday diner, I never get it right. Any way it was warm sat there and we had a couple of beers with our food, I had Black Sheep, Ember Inns Pale Ale, a beer brewed just for Ember Inns, not a bad beer.

Black Sheep, Ember Inns Pale Ale, England

From there we did a bit of shopping before making our way back towards the boat, we went back the quicker way and just missed a boat. Anyway we were first in the queue for the next boat and it didn't take very long to arrive anyway. We got a seat at the stern and it was very cold but enjoyable on the way back.

Emily and Syd Ferry

That evening back at their chalet after supper they all went in the hot tub but as I was feeling very tired and just watched some TV. Later when the rest were all cleaned up we watched a film before me and Dot made our way back to the van.

Monday 31st October

Nicole, Tim and Sydney were off home today and they had to be out of their chalet for ten but they were allowed to park their car on our pitch for the day.

First we had a wander down to the lake on site, and early in the morning it looked fantastic, although the views from here are good all of the time.

Looking over the lake

So it was not long after ten, when we set off for a walk. Out of the site we headed north and walked along the road until we came to a place were we could get down the the lake. I wandered off to find a toilet then met up with the others down by the edge of the lake. Emily went in for a plodge and even got Sydney to go in, it took quite some time though.

Sydney and Georgia

We then had a walk along the lakeside, then up the bank following a stream and then back along the top of the hill, it wasn't a very long walk but it was far enough for me. On the way up the hill we passed lots of mushrooms (or toadstools) growing by the side of the path.

Walking along Wynlass Beck More Mushrooms

Back in Bowness we went to The Albert for a late lunch, well it was after two and we sat outside again in the sun. Me and Dot had the Halloween burgers and I also had a new beer a Robinsons, Unicorn, not bad at all.

Tim and Sydney Lunch

Sydney was really well behaved again, it seams like they have got a very good, very nice dog. After our food we had a walk around the port area before heading back to the van and Nicole, Tim and Sydney headed off home.

We spent the rest of the day and night just watching TV before bed.

Tuesday 1st November

After a morning in the van, we set off to do a bus tour, we had seen them around since we had been there. We got on near the boat jetties and the bus took us to Ambleside, it was not even a very pleasant drive but it got us there. Don't get me wrong, it was a open top bus and some of the views were very nice but it did stop everywhere and it stopped at Windermere train station for ages.

Above lake Windermere

In Ambleside we wandered around the shops and had a good look around the place before wandering along to the big garden centre on the way back to the port. It had one of the best Christmas displays I have seen and we had a good look around in there. After that it was back on the bus to Bowness, it left from just outside the garden centre and just as we got there.

When we got back to Bowness the girls wanted to go back to the site but we went for a walk to the cable ferry anyway.

The Girls Emily and Georgia

The girls enjoyed themselves anyway and we had a sit by the lake while they played.  We eventually made it to the ferry, watched it move off to the other side then made our way back. We took the quicker walk back into town and made our way to the pub for tea.


Back in The Albert, we sat inside for our tea this time, the girls would not let me take photos of them in there, so I only have blurred ones.

Wednesday 2nd November

We had to be back to see to the dog so we set off fearly early. We took the right road out of the lake area this time but from Kendal, we got it wrong again. We took the whindy road to Tebay rather than the Motorway. It didn't take much longer it was just annoying to get it wrong. The rest of the drive home was pretty normal.

Well that is it until January, when we are off back to York after a long miss there.