Monday, 13 March 2017

Back in York but for a week (March 2017)

4th March to the 11th March

Second time in York this year and only the second time away in the van. We are away for a full week to take in both our birthdays and to have a nice rest.

Saturday 4th March

My birthday, got ready and set off for York. When we arrived there it was very busy and it took some time to get through to the site. Once we got there we were told drive around, pick out a site and go back for the key (all very usual), only there were only three places available and one of them was reserved.

When we got settled in Ralph and Fran came to visit us and we sett off into town. Ralph's feet are not that good so in the end the girls wandered off and we made for the Spoons pub. Before we finished our first pint the girls turned up and joined us. Eventually we got our tea bought for us for our birthdays and it was very nice.

After they had gone we just stayed in the van and watched TV for the rest of the night.

Sunday 5th March

Today the other half of the family, Nick, Tim, Georgia, Emily and Sid came to visit. As yesterday we wandered off into town to go shopping, although the weather was not that good, it kept poring down. At one point I got the job of standing outside with Sid as everyone else was inside shopping (Sid is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he is very soft).

Latter when we were on our own after the others had gone home we just stayed in as the weather was not good. I messed with the iPad I had got from Nick and the others and had a couple of beers that I had brought with us.

Monday 6th March

Latter on the afternoon we wandered off towards the train station, just to see how long it took to get there. Of coarse we have done this before but we are getting old and just needed to check. We are off to Leeds for the day on Wednesday (makes a change from Harrogate), just for the day and it only cost us £12 in total.

Well it took about half an hour, we had a look around the station, got our train tickets from the machine and then wandered off into town.

Constantine the Great, AD 274 - 337

I managed to buy a shirt and a cardigan in one shop after all our walking about, then made for the pubs. We had decided to try some different pubs for a change, and wandered into the first one we passed. Evil Eye Lounge was nice inside but the beers we got in there were not nice and very expensive (only in cans and bottle as well), so we drank up and moved on.

Next we went into the House Of The Trembling Madness, a very good beer shop and went upstairs to were they sell beers but it was too full, so we moved on.

The next place was The Botanist, the beer was much better in here even though I was from the USA. It was a Sam Addams on draft, from were we sat we noticed a bar restaurant opposite and decided to pop in there next. Dot had also noticed that it was half price in there on Monday as well, so that was it.

Kennedy's Bar and Restaurant, was full but we managed to get a table and ordered food, I think we both had the chicken burgers. I had a new beer in there a Helmsley, Striding The Riding, not too bad but I have had better.

On our way back to the van we did have another much cheaper one in the Kings.

Tuesday 7th March

Today after walking about York for a couple of hours we ended up in another new pub for us (I think we may have been in before a long time ago), the Hole in the Wall. I had a Marstons Pedigree and as we sat reading the menu noticed that they did smaller afternoon meals before five. So we had another beer each and ordered Stake Pie for Dot and I had Hunters Chicken.

Bike Park in York

From there we moved on to Pivní, I had a Wild Weather Ales, Big Muddy and Dot had Primátor, Czech Wheat Beer. Both nice although Dots was better than mine.

From there on our way back to the van we did have another one in the Kings again.

Wednesday 8th March

Up early, showered and ready to go to Leeds. Arrived at the train station with plenty of time but could not find our train on the departure boards. In the end I asked and we were stood next to our train, still never got onto the main boards though.

York Station Grand Central

On arrival in Leeds we walked into the Spoons in the station for an early lunch, the breakfast that is available until twelve. But the one in the station was very full and we could not find seats, so we decided we would just get something later.

Out of the station we walked along Park Row and within minuets came across another Spoons, so we popped in and ordered two breakfasts. The spoons was Becketts Bank and it was a bit rundown must be one of the older ones but the food was ok. Looking out of the window in Spoons we noticed a Gino D'Acampo My Restaurant, opposite, looked good but probably beyond our pockets.

After diner we wandered around into the centre and did the shops, lots of shops, Leeds is a lot bigger than I remembered. Even the indoor market it very big and I think the only thing we bought in Leeds was in there.

Leeds More Leeds

Eventually it was time to sit down and we ended up sat outside another spoons The Cuthbert Brodrick, it looked a lot newer and was in a very good position. Sat outside in the sun was very nice and with our backs against the wall, it was very warm. I had an Acorn, Jarrylo IPA, it was not too bad Dot was sticking with the 1664.

Sat outside in Leeds DSCF2121

We had a couple sat outside in the sun, although I switched to Abbots for the second one. We then moved inside as the wind got up a bit and we decided to have food again. This time we had Tandoori Chicken Wraps with Chips and yet another beer or two.


Soon it was time to get back to the station, we had a slow walk back and waited about half an hour for the train back to York. Once back we just walked back to the van and had an early night. We had walked today further than we had walked for over a year.

I woke about midnight with my hart in defib and I kept having to get up and go to the toilet, luckily by the time Dot woke at about eight, I was back to normal but it had tiered me out.

Thursday 9th March

We didn't do much at all today, besides me, we were both worn out after our long walk yesterday. We sat watching the TV but eventually set off for a walk late in the afternoon. Although we didn't get far, we just wandered out the back and made for the pub out there, the Swan, but only had the one in there. I asked what to try and the one I was given was foul, Empire, Soner, is not nice at all.

We were joined in there by a group of about seven what looked like students, and an older man with a dog. The older one was asking for volunteers for something tomorrow and when three said they could, he gave them pamphlets and left. The seven what looked like students, then all sat there with their half's or water and looked and typed on their phones in silence. It was all very strange.

We then set off for food, we looked in the caffs and restaurants close by but just got something from the shop and went back to the van.

Friday 10th March

Dots birthday, we were both feeling better today and set off into town for tea. After a look around the shops and getting birthday presents from me, we made for The Star Inn the City and sat outside in the sun. Although that didn't last long and we moved inside to finish our drinks. Again I did that thing with the drinks, I asked what to try and again it was foul. The Brew York, Jarsa Session Ale, could have been the same one as last night, so we moved on after that one.


Dot had picked somewhere for tea, it was a restaurant bar we had been in on Monday, The Botanist, first we had a drink in the front before moving into the restaurant at the back. There were also rooms upstairs but we just got a table under the stirs, this was a lot better than is sounds though. I had Lamb Koftas and Dot had Steak, both very nice, I also had the Sam Addams to drink again.


Saterday 11th March

Nice sleep in, then got the van to go, the drive home was straightforward see you next time.