Friday, 30 September 2011

Road Tax

Well paid for the vans road tax today, there's a couple of hundred quid I won't see again.

Pateley Bridge, day four

August 17, 2011

We would ususaly find somewhere to visit on the way home and we had several places in mind this time. But the sun was shining and the girls had a friend they wanted to play with. So I popped into reception to see if we could stay on site until the afternoon, we could but for a fee of £4.00. I paid and we had a nice relaxing day, until it was time to get the girls back home.

PICT0016  Emily and Snowy

Pateley Bridge, day three

August 16, 2011

I knew it was was to good to be true, good weather in August, well it rained all night and most of the morning but that didn't stop the girls going out to play. It cleared up on the afternoon and we headed into town, we got a mix of sausage rolls, pasties and pizza slices, from a nice little shop, for lunch. The plan was to go out for tea to one of the pubs, so I checked them out while the girls played on the park.


You may have noticed the title of this blog is "Low Budget Motorhoming", well £10 each for pub grub is not "Low Budget", do you know how much takeaway food you can get for that. I had promised Georgia and Emily a pub meal, so we would just have to pay.


When we could get the girls off the play park, we convinced them to go for a short walk, they were not keen as they had walked a long way the day previous. We went along the route of the old Nidd Valley Light Railway again but out of the town in the opposite direction. We didn't go very far (Emily refused to go any further and it was getting muddy anyway).

Walking  Nidd Valley Light Railway

It was teatime when we got back into town and the girls agreed they would rather have fish and chips than go to the pub, especially if it meant they had more time at the play park. So that is what we did, we ate fish and chips out of the paper wrapping in the park and it all coat less than one meal in the pub. Then Dot and I sat in the sun, while the girls played until it got cold, when we went back to the van to watch a film.

Pateley Bridge, day two

August 15, 2011

After breakfast, all the girls went to the play park, while I made the picnic ready for our walk, I also sat in the sun reading a book, I have not done much of that this year. It was starting to get towards lunch time, so I went looking for the girls but they were just on their way back.

We left the campsite by the side gate to the side of the river nidd turned left and then crossed over onto the opposite bank (Dot and I had done this walk to Wath before so knew the best way). The path is along the route of the old Nidd Valley Light Railway and basically follows the river Nidd to Wath (where there is a pub, the Sportsmans Arms).


With it being so late, the girls wanted their picnic as soon as we set off but we made them wait, until we had done at least part of the walk. We had a camera each and had a competition to see who could take a photo of the most unusual thing long the way. We didn't get many photos but it kept their minds off food for a bit.

When it was time for food we couldn't find anywhere to sit, the ground was wet and there are no seats along the path. Eventually, about forty-five minutes into the walk, we found a tumbled down wall to sit on and had the picnic there.


We where just outside Wath and I wanted a beer in the Sportsmans Arms, so I hurried everyone along, as I had the feeling it would close soon for the afternoon (I also had a feeling it might not be open at all). We got there just in time and had our drinks outside in the hot sun.

  Refreshments  Rest Time 
The girls had had enough walking but we convinced them to go a bit further to Gouthwaite reservoir, we had not got that far last time we did the walk. It was only a short walk and there is a lovely old dam there but you can not get a good photo of it. Also the walk across the top of Gouthwaite Dam is gated and locked off, bit of a shame really, as it would have been good to walk over.

Gouthwaite Dam  Gouthwaite Dam

The girls really were tired of walking by now, so we headed back, we walked the same way we came and promised them they could play in the river when we found a suitable place. Its nice to have a splash about on a hot day.  We arrived back at the campsite, not too wet and even though the girls were supposed to be warn out, they still had enough energy to go and play in the park.

River Nidd

As for the photo comp, I think I won, with a fungus and dragonfly.

Fungus  Dragonfly

BBQ supper, you have to make the most of it when the sun is out.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pateley Bridge, day one

August 14, 2011

Looked all over to book a site during the kids summer holidays, they were either fully booked or very over priced. I eventually found somewhere reasonable and it was somewhere I liked Pateley Bridge. We booked three nights with the twins.


Riverside Caravan Park
Low Wath Road, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, HG3 5HL
Web Site

The site is on the bank of the river Nidd, a short walk from Pateley Bridge centre (about 500 yards), facilities are average but have been improved from our last visit in 2007. Pubs, banks and shops in the village and also two Indian takeaways and two chip shops. Good place for a relaxing holiday or for walking and exploring if you feel like it. One word of warning, this site does not take credit cards or debit cards, only cash or cheques.

Booked in on a hard standing pitch, I had worried about the ground being too soft, as we had had a lot of rain during the month. Settled in and had lunch before a walk into town, the girls went to play in the park while I did stuff like setting up the Sky TV.

  Pateley Bridge  Georgia  

The sun was shining and it was warm (unusually), I tried to get some photos of the bridge in Pateley Bridge but there are too many trees to get a good shot. After a quick look round and an ice cream, it was back to the park for the girls to play. I watched some crown green bowling as the girls played in the park and it is very different from lawn bowles but interesting to watch for a while.


On the way back to the van we had a short walk along the river and planned a longer walk for the next day, with a picnic lunch.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Have to catch up soon

If you have read any of my other blogs you will know, I have been on holiday with poor internet access and also been unwell for a couple of weeks. So I am behind with my blogging but I am trying to catch up and hope to be back up to date soon.

We are not due to be away in the van for a couple of weeks and then, we are only making one of our four or five per year trips to York.