Friday, 22 April 2016

Peterborough, Ambers Birthday 2016

Peterborough, Ferry Meadows Caravan Club Site, April 16th to 20th

Day one, Sat April 16th

We set off early, we had to be there before 12:30, for me and Ralph to go and watch the Boro live on TV. First we had to stop for diesel, witch took ages, some people are just too stupid to let out on a Saturday but eventually we filled up and set off.

We managed to arrive at the site at about twenty to twelve but again were held up by idiots enquiring about checking in in the future and eventually we booked in at about twelve.

Ralph and Amber arrived and me and Ralph shot off to watch the football in Ralph's local. I had a couple of pints wile we watched us win (just say) over the bottom club in the league, getting the winner in injury time.

Back at the van it was unusually cold (it was last year as well) so we just stayed in and watched TV. At tea time we went out to the pub, The Granary Beefeater Restaurant and had a cheep meal from the before 6:30 menu. Amber had the children's menu and afters, all that with a couple of beers was about £40.

After the food Ralph drove off and me Dot and Amber walked back to the van, only it started to rain and we got wet.

Day two, Sun April 17th

Not very good weather again we didn't do much, Ralph turned up at diner time then we watched the F1GP.

After that we went for a walk through the park to the Lakeside Kitchen and Bar, where we had a beer and Amber had an ice lolly.

By the time that we got back to the van, the sun was shining and we had a BBQ for tea outside the van.

Tea Time

It was getting cold again by the time we finished and we were strait back into the warm van until it was time for Amber to get back home, school tomorrow.

Day three, Mon April 18th

Ralph was going to pick up a new car today, I phoned to see if he was OK for a lift and he was, said he would see us latter.

Ralph arrived eventually in his new BMW (well a few years old), a very nice car. Its a convertible with a hard top, which all folds neatly into the boot.

Ralph dropped us off in the town centre and would be back to pick us up with Amber in a couple of hours. Dot did some shopping for clothes for the wedding we are going to in the next couple of months. I even managed to get a few polish beers (or somewhere lick that), now all I have to do is remember where I put them.

Had a look at the Cathedral while we were there but soon it was time to go back to meet Ralph and Amber, for our lift back to the site.


Then is was back to the van for tea, a slow cooked chicken dish, that was far better than we expected it to be. I had put it on, on the morning before we went out and it was good. Soon it was time for amber to go again.

Day four, Tues April 19th

Ambers birthday today but we would not see her until later, after school. So we had lunch, the rest of the chicken and went for a walk around the park. We ether need to get out walking more often, or I am getting old, walking really wears me out.

Later Amber and the others all turned up (it was Ambers Birthday) and when they had gone we went to The Granary again for tea.

Birthday Food

It was latter today so we had to use a different menu and it cost us about £20 more than last time. Although we did have two coreses each.

Day five, Wed April 20th

I though we had gone past the days when we had to be back to look after Georgia and Emily but we did, although it was much latter than it used to be. So we took our time getting ready then set off home.