Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hawes, October 2016

A trip to Hawes Caravan Club Site 2016

I like Hawes and have been there many times and I really like it there, so left on my own at home one day, I booked us in there for a few nights.

16th October to the 19th

Sunday 16th October

We arrived around one o’clock and got booked in and settled, had a pizza for dinner, I do not think the grill is working properly but it was just edible.

Although it was raining at home and most of the way there, it was sunny in Hawes, so about three, we got ready and went for a walk.

In Hawes we did the usual walk around, looking in the shops that were open but eventually set off to a pub for a drink. We did take some photos of the old railway just behind the houses, there are hopes to reopen it one day but it doesn't look like it will be soon.

Old bridge Old Bridge

After the first drink, I was not feeling that good and we were going to set off back to the van but we got another beer instead, and just stayed. Eventually I felt better and we even had our tea in there. We both had mince and potato pie with mushy peas and chips, very nice.

We were in the White Hart, the forth pub in the town, the other three are all in a line farther along, we will use them later in the trip, probably. In there though I had a Black Sheep, Baa Baa, the new one of theirs, drinkable but not that nice, so moved on to Theakstons, Bitter, weaker but a nice beer.

There was a very nice full moon on the walk back to the site, but I was unable to get a photo, I do not seem to be able to drink and take photos anymore.

Monday 17th October

The weather was on and off today and we just spent the morning sat in the van watching TV. We had bacon for breakfast, as we usually do when away, but the buns we had with us were dreadful, they were doughy, teach me to use a big name, Kingsmill. Will just use Aldi for bead next time.

We were going to walk up to Simonstone Hall for something to eat but the weather was that unpredictable we just walked into town. It was nice and sunny now but who knows how long it will last.

View from Hawes The edge of Hawes

On the way in we popped down to the old station and had a walk through the old rope factory, its a bit since we did this and it is very new in there now. After a walk through town, we ended up right up at the Wensleydale cheese factory and wandered around tasting the cheeses in the shop. It then started to rain so, in a break we managed to get back into town and into the first pub.

Changing Weather in the Dales

The Old Board Inn is nice, we stayed there many years ago.  There was a nice big fire going in there and we got a seat close to it. Had another pint or two of Theakstons, Bitter, in there and a chat with the others sheltering from the rain.

From there we moved on to the White Hart and had another couple of Theakstons, Bitter and a meal, this time we both had the Chicken Kiev, again it was very nice. In there we also talked to others from the campsite, now with a separate 120 pitches on the campsite, I can see how this very small town can have four pubs doing so well.

Tuesday 18th October

It rained all night but got fine during the morning. Spoke to early as around dinner time it started to pore down, so we just sat in the van watching TV again.

Went for a shower and discovered that the site will be closed next year, basically to do the toilets and what looks like a few other small things, it will be closed for six or seven months. From January until July, it is now the middle of October on a Tuesday and the site is just about full, the working of the Caravan Club sometimes baffles me.

And thinking about it, I hope the pubs in town manage over this period, without money from the people on the campsite coming in.

The sun came out latter in the afternoon and we set off into town, just for the short walk and a drink.
We went to the shops for some stuff we needed and then went to the pub for tea, it was still very early, about half four.  As it was still early so we got something off the before five menu and it was as good as anything else we had had in there this week but half the price. We had the food and a couple of pints in there, then set off back to the van.

On the walk back we noticed just how much water was flowing over the falls in town, you can see compered to the photo from the day before.

Falls in Hawes Next day the Falls in Hawes

We were back in the van early and just watched some TV, had another beer before we gave up and went to bed early.

Wednesday 19th October

We were up at the usual time and took our time getting ready to head home. We were not in a hurry at all and took our time all the way home but we had to be back to go and met the girls from school, just like the old days.

The next time we are away is in in a couple of weeks, we are off to the Lakes with Nicole, Tim and the girls. They are in a cabin and we have the van at Fallbarrow Park, lake Windermere.