Friday, 30 September 2011

Pateley Bridge, day three

August 16, 2011

I knew it was was to good to be true, good weather in August, well it rained all night and most of the morning but that didn't stop the girls going out to play. It cleared up on the afternoon and we headed into town, we got a mix of sausage rolls, pasties and pizza slices, from a nice little shop, for lunch. The plan was to go out for tea to one of the pubs, so I checked them out while the girls played on the park.


You may have noticed the title of this blog is "Low Budget Motorhoming", well £10 each for pub grub is not "Low Budget", do you know how much takeaway food you can get for that. I had promised Georgia and Emily a pub meal, so we would just have to pay.


When we could get the girls off the play park, we convinced them to go for a short walk, they were not keen as they had walked a long way the day previous. We went along the route of the old Nidd Valley Light Railway again but out of the town in the opposite direction. We didn't go very far (Emily refused to go any further and it was getting muddy anyway).

Walking  Nidd Valley Light Railway

It was teatime when we got back into town and the girls agreed they would rather have fish and chips than go to the pub, especially if it meant they had more time at the play park. So that is what we did, we ate fish and chips out of the paper wrapping in the park and it all coat less than one meal in the pub. Then Dot and I sat in the sun, while the girls played until it got cold, when we went back to the van to watch a film.

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