Friday, 2 December 2011

Another Three Days in York

As I said in the last post, it will be a long time until we are back in York (Rowntree Park Campsite closing for eight months), so we had to make the best of our time there.

We were late arriving at the site, gale force winds delayed our start and even then the drive there was a bit scary at times. We had wanted to arrive early to get to the last day of the Christmas market but the wind scuppered that idea. We made up some time, by eating lunch on the move, then as soon as we arrived, we just parked up, set up the sat (to record the F1) and walked into town.

I was very busy with Christmas shoppers (recession???), we decided the shops could wait until tomorrow and we would just do the market today. Dot got some very nice Silver and Amber ear rings from one of the stalls but that was about it. Had a couple of beers in the Kings, before heading back to watch the F1 with our Sunday dinner for supper, if you know what I mean.

Next day we wanted to pop into Sainsbury's (long story), so we walked anticlockwise around the outside of the city walls to get there. As we passed by the river Foss I noticed a new bridge, so I had to stop to get a photo.

New Footbridge over the Foss

We got sandwiches in Sainsbury's, which we ate by the Minster, before heading into the shops and it was still very busy. I was glad to get to the Kings for a rest and a few beers at the end of the shopping. Back at the van, we had bought lasagne, garlic bread and coleslaw, then an early night (think I am coming down with something).

Even after the early night was still had a sleep in and I was still tired and feeling a bit under the weather. A walk in Rowntree park in the cold but bight sun livened me up a bit. Back at the van we had bought cottage pie and peas before heading to the shops for one last time this visit. Yet again it was very busy, I sat outside the first shop and let Dot wander round on her own. This was a good plan, to let me rest while Dot shopped but it didn't last long. After the first shop, it started to rain and there was nowhere dry for me to sit, therefore ruining that plan.

Tree York

Made our usual stop at the Kings on the way back to the van but instead of it being the usual friendly place, it was like a freak show in there. This happens about once every ten visits and the landlord usually moves on the offenders. He did but latter they came back so we left early. Cheese and biscuits for supper and watched a film, before an early night.

With the teachers on strike, we had to head straight home in the morning, to help look after the girls. We went out for a fish & chip lunch and had nice a walk in Preston park.


The van will be laid up now until March, when our next trip will be to Melrose as York will be closed for our usual birthday treat there.

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