Friday, 15 March 2013

My Birthday York

Day one 3rd of March.

Arrived at Rowntree Park, York, just in time to park up the van and shoot of to meet Nicole, Tim and the Twins for lunch. We would not see them tomorrow on my birthday, so this was my birthday treat.

We met up with them on Ouse Bridge and went straight into The Slug and Lettuce, just off the bridge. We couldn't get a window seat with a view of the river but the seat we got was good enough. The food was good as was the beer, EPA if I remember right.

After lunch, we all had a walk around the shops and after the others left for home, Dot and I retired to the Kings Arms, as usual.

Day two 4th of March.

After opening all my birthday cards and having breakfast, I set up the sat dish (hadn't bothered the previous day) in the nice warm sun.

60 today

The first thing we were going to do was take a ride on the York Eye, the big wheel next to the train station but not the same one as we went on a few years back, that one was long gone, this was the new one. we had a Groupon for the ride, £6.00 instead of £17.00, I do not think I would have gone on at the full price. After a light lunch we left the site via the back gate and walked along the cite walls to the station and Eye.

We did three rotation (I think) and it views were very good, although it did turn my stomach slightly at the top each time (see my face in the photo below).

The weather had closed in so that we could not see as far as last time but the immediate views over the city were great, especially of the Minster.

York Minster

After a walk in the park and a tour of the shops we went back to the The Slug and Lettuce for a birthday tea (it was Happy Monday all food half price). I had fish and chips, it was very good but I think a bit too greasy for me. After the food we when down the steps to the Kings but after a couple I felt a bit sick, so we had a walk in the cold fresh air to the Postern Gate. Where I was sick in the toilets, luckily this was before we ordered any drinks.

We set off back to the campsite but I had perked up a bit so we stopped off at The Swan but we only had the one, my hart wasn't in it, I do not like being 60.

Day three 5th of March.

A very clear but cold day and I was feeling much better, so we went for a walk tacking in part of the city we hadn't seen before. We walked right through the centre through Micklegate Bar and back out via Monk Bar, then down Monkgate to the river Foss. We then turned left and followed the river, all of this part of the walk was new to us and we probably walked a bit too far for the day after not feeling well.

Fro a rest we popped into a pub we had not used before, The Snickleway Inn, it was a lot better than it sounds and had several hand pulled beers to choose from.

Once again we went to The Slug and Lettuce but for supper this time, Tikka Tuesday (2-4-1 Curry night) and we went after beers in the Kings.

Day four 6th of March.

Last day in York before moving on to Barnard Castle tomorrow for Dot's birthday.

The weather had changed and was not as bright as it has been, on the afternoon we did the shops until we were tired.

That evening we had beers in The Kings, The Postern Gate and The Slip Inn, I did manage to find several new beers but by the time we were ready to head back to the van, it was raining.

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