Thursday, 11 April 2013

An unexpected three days in York

The twins were due to be off school for Easter and I was browsing campsite websites to see what was available. I was surprised to find three days available at Rowntree Park in York. Although I did think that the price was robbery at over £32/night, we booked anyway, as the girls like it there.

Also adding the the cost was a new set of batteries for the van, it was about time they were replaced, if you look back at older postes you can see we have been struggling with both of them.

York 7th to 10th of May

Day one, Sun April 7th.

Got settled in, had a sandwich lunch and went to the children's play area in Rowntree Park. It was cold for the time of year but the park was still very busy. We did a remake of an old photo at the giant chess piece after about six years.

A Few Years On

After a a while we left the park and had a walk to the millennium bridge, where the girls played one of their highest games of Pooh stick ever.

From there we walked back along the river to the ice cream van and then walked into town.   The girls got some little toys and then we went for some food.

Something we had learned on the last trip there in March, was the kids eat for just £1.00 on Sundays in The Slug and Lettuce, so we went to the one just off the Ouse bridge for tea.


DVD's back at the van until bed time.

Day two, Mon April 8th.

It was cold and a bit damp early on so we sat in the van and watched a film.  The Girls and Dot went back to the play park late on the morning, went it dried up, while I did some jobs in the van.

I met then in the park and we set off into town.  We got up onto the city walls at the Victorian turret, west of Skeldergate Bridge and the old Bonding Warehouse.  Then walk clockwise around the walls as far as Lendal Tower, where we came down from the walls and crossed over Lendal bridge into the centre.

York Walls

In the centre the girls had some toys they needed to buy, I popped into the Hansom Gab to use the toilets and ended up with a half of Sam Smithe's Organic Wheat beer. Emily then wanted to go on one of those bouncy trampoline things and she offered to pay with her own money, Georgia didn't fancy it though.

Emily, York

With the shopping done we did as we did last time we where there on a Monday. We went to the The Slug and Lettuce again, as it was half price Monday.

Although we did get ripped off slightly, a drink is included with the kids meal but they had run out the drinks, so the girls ordered colas. This made the kids meal cost more than than it was at full price.

Skeldergate Bridge

Back at the van it was films again.

Day three, Tues April 9th.

The Girls went to the park as yesterday and then to the shop to get some things we needed for lunch (Yorkshire Puddings), while I made some alterations to Emily's bunk, to make it a bit more comfortable for her.

After lunch we headed into the centre, only this time we walked the City walls in an anticlockwise direction, starting at Fishergate Postern just over the fiver Foss.   We followed the wall until it came to the river Foss again and then followed the fiver back into the centre, where the girls all had ice creams.

I had mentioned that we might go on the open top tour bus but now I didn't fancy it now, the girls however kept on pestering us to go on one. As we ate the ice cream we came to an arrangement, The three girls would go on the bus ride and I would go to the Wetherspoons beer festival in the Postern Gate. The girls just missed a bus outside the Merchant Adventures Hall but by taking a short cut through M&S to Clifford's Tower, they caught up.

I walked on from Clifford's Tower round the corner to The Postern Gate.

The Beers from Wetherspoons. 

After about an hour I got a call to say the girls were enjoining the bus that much, they were going round again. Not another hour in the pub. When they did eventually arrive, we all had one more before we walked back to the van for tea.

Day four, Wed April 10th.

The van started on the first try, first time in a long time.

We called in at Ripon on the way home but there was nowhere to park, so we drove on to Cow Beck Reservoir, where we had a picnic and a walk around the lake.

The girls thought they had to have a go at climbing every tree we walked passed.

Georgia and Emily up a tree

When we got back to the van, I had a sit and a read while the girls played in the beck until it was time to go and they were very wet.

Helping Gran over the beck

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