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York, November 2013

Early in November 2013, we set off for three days in York, we went to see the meeting of the six remaining A4 Pacific Railway Engines, and the last night of the York Lumiere Festival. This was all on the first night of the holiday, the rest would be spent free in York (well that was the plan anyway).

November 2nd 2013

We arrived at about 13:00 on Saturday afternoon and got set up for one night at the Manor Farm Caravan Site, we would be moving on to Rowntree Park Caravan Club Site tomorrow, much closer in to the centre of York.

Looking for the the base for the satellite and not finding it dint put me off much, but when I could not find the satellite, I realised that the satellite wasn't in the van at all.  Anyway I got the Sat set up on the phone and could watch the Rugby Union from here and could watch the Rugby Liege to on the Free View on the TV.  It did rain slightly during this time but it was not too bad.

After two very good matches, we got ready to go into town to see what we could see.  The walk is not that bad, although we did think about getting a taxi back later on.

First we visited Clifford Tower, although we could not get in to see this fully, we could see fairly well from the road way and it was fairly good.  Next we mad our way into the centre and sew a good projection on the side of the Jorvik Centre, although the woman dancing outside was a bit unnecessary.

Next we made our way further in and found more stuff, it was all very good, although getting photos was not the best for me. 

Eventually, I needed the toilet, so we headed into one of the John Smiths pubs we had not used before and it was very nice indeed.

From there we headed over to the Railway Museum, which was also included in the York Lumiere Festival. One thing that we didn't know was that the front door to the museum was closed and you had to go in via the back door (maybe you have to all the time now). It was very dark in there but we found our way around ok. It was ok in there but we thought we could come back tomorrow when it was lighter.

We called into two other pubs on the way back to the campsite, Wetherspoons, the The Punchbowl on Blossom Street and The Swan on Bishopgate Street. Both very good pubs but we were very tired. I did get a couple of new beers but I will make a separate blog for these beers.

In the end it did not take that long to get bake to the van, well it didn't seen that long anyway.  It was late by the time we got bake so it wasn't long before we ended up in bed, some thing of a first for me.  It had been a long time since I had use the upper bed in the van. 

November 3rd 2013

We had both woken at about the same time and for change, I was the first one to get up. After I had been to the toilet, Dot went but as she came out, I went straight back in.  For me, that is about about all I remember for the next two or three hours.

Coming round in the hospital (well back to about normal that is), is the first clear thing I remember since going into the toilet.  Dot had been to the farmhouse to help find the right address for the ambulance and got locked out of the van (that is something I have to mend as soon as I can), but she got round this eventually.   The ambulance arrived, loaded me and Dot on then took us to the hospital in York, where I came round (to the surprise of most of the staff there).

From here on I remember most of what happened, especially the hospital staff pretending that I would be released later that day, witch of course was a lie.  A stroke is a lot more serous that you think it is. 

Nothing else much happened that day, it was a Sunday, we did however watch a fire work display from the hospital window (a bit early I know), before Dot leaf to find her way back to the van.  This can not have been easy, although Dot has never moaned about it, or even mentioned it but I know I can not have been easy.

November 4th 2013 (Bonfire Night)

Today the hospital started working again and from early on, I was doing all sorts of tests.  I had heard from Dot and she was coming over later, when young Ralph arrived.

Eventual I was released from hospital but it did take quite some time from when they said I could go though, to when I actually got out.

Back at the van, Ralph took over and drove it back home, I followed behind with Dot driving Ralph's car.  I was against everything and wanted to stay in York but I had to give in and just go home.


Dot and Ralph where right though, I was a lot worse than I thought I was, in fact I am still having trouble with some things, even after all this time.  The fact is, I was not allowed to drive for two months (very frustrating) but I just had to do as I was told.  Now there are still a few things that I have trouble remembering and I have bother sometimes, just saying what I am thinking.  With a bit of luck, nothing will get any worse, well not for a long time, I hope.

I am just getting on with with things that we had booked before the incident, I am very grateful to D.F.D.S, for letting us change a booking we had won with them.  I had to cancel two bookings with and Caravan Club but I am not sure they even took any notice when we cancelled. 

Check back here to see if anything has changed, thanks.

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