Thursday, 21 August 2014

Getting the van fixed

Well I could now use the van, as long as I had damp start to squirt into the engine to get it running, but Dot wasn't very happy with that.  We were to travel to Peterborough for Ambers birthday, so I called a mobile mechanic to have a look.

I wish I could remember his name but that has gone, I had called a mechanic I had used before but he was busy.  This new man came and looked, had a mess with the engine, he then went away to another job (I actually think he went to play golf).

We stayed in a hotel in Peterborough.

Back home the mobile mechanic sends us to a workshop close to home, where they decide it needs to be striped down with a cost of about £1000, I took the van home.

Eventually I asked at my local garage where I get my MOT done every year and they suggest a small garage in Peterlee. I phoned them and arranged a time to take the van up to see them.

It was not as easy as it should have been as there workshop had moved and we didn't know, the new people in there were very helpful though and pointed us in the right direction about half a mile further on.

We left the van with them, drove home and went shopping only to get a phone call to say that the van was fixed.  We went straight back and picked the van up.  The fault was tiny and took next to nothing to fix and I was glad to pay for the work.

We are now ready to set off in the van again.

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