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Second Trip, York and Barnard Castle 2016

March 5th to the 15th

Our second trip away this year was in March for our birthdays, we went the day after my birthday and a few days before Dot birthday. This trip was for a good few days in York then a few more in Barnard Castle, both using Caravan Club sites.

Sat March 5th

Back in York, the day after my birthday, I have not been well for a couple of days so really missed my birthday. Dot was ill for a few days before me but is feeling a lot better now, hope I do tomorrow. As its Saturday York is very full and we are not giving the drunks another chance to spoil out time away. So we parked up and watched some TV, a film on channel 4.

Eventually went for a walk along the river and back through the park and took some photos of just how high the river was.

River Ouse

Later we walked out the back gate to get something to eat, but as nether of us was that bothered about eating we just popped into the nearest pub for a beer. The Swan and Signets was full but we got a seat (we do not like the centre of York on a Saturday night as it is very full and a little bit rough, so that why we went in there) but after a couple of beers we decided to go back to the van.

On the short walk back, we got a bag of chips some curry sauce and a couple of buns, not what we would usually get but we didn't fancy anything much. Afterwards we decide that we could have done without the chips as they were not that good at all.

Had an early night and a real good sleep.

Sun March 6th

Nice sleep in and morning resting watching TV (Sunday Brunch), after lunch we went for a shower each, before setting off into town.

The river had dropped a little bit today but it is still very high. As the Flying Scotsman was in town today, we popped into the Railway Museum to see it. Last time we were in there to see it (long time ago) its number was 4472 now it is 60103. The numbering of this Engine has been 1472, 4472, 502, 103 then 60103, it may now be the 60103 but to me it is still the 4472.

The Flying Scotsman

From there we walked through the town centre just as all the shops were closing but Dot managed to buy some new gloves.

Then it was off to the pub for tea, in the Spoons the The Postern Gate, we had tandoori chicken wraps, very cheep and not bad at all. We also had a couple of beers but then went back to the van, we are still not at all well.

Mon March 7th

Nice quiet morning in the van and didn't go out until after lunch. It was a walk we really wanted to do, so we set off along the town walls. We got up onto the wall at the Victorian turret, at Baile Hill and walked along clockwise (I have covered the wall walk many times see here). But we came down at Micklegate Bar and walked along and down Micklegate into town (or as it is, the city centre).

We had a look around the shops (avoiding people from the red cross collecting) and went for a cup of tea in the British Home Stores, never again though the place was in a really disgusting state. The tea was ok but the place could have done with a good clean, floor, seats, tables well everything, it was disgusting (British Home Stores closed for good later that year).

After that we continued shopping, ordered some jeans in Next (have to pop back in tomorrow for them) but eventually popped into a pub The Pivni for a rest. Had a beer in there but Dot only had a soda water.

From there we went into The Slug and Lettuce to get something to eat. Half price Monday in there, we got a seat at the front with a nice view of the river. We both had Italian Chicken, not bad for half price and a full price beer each.

We then moved down stares to the Kings, it was not open on our last trip after a flood, this time it had been flooded when we arrived in York but was now open. The ladies toilets were closed and the till went off while we were in there but they had beer.

On the way back we popped into the new Sainsbury’s, to get some things we needed for tomorrow.

Tues March 8th

After lunch and late on, we set off into town, we went the quick way across Skeldergate bridge and straight to the shops. Dot had a look at some shoes and handbags before we went for the jeans from Next.

From there we went shoe and handbag shopping again but managed to look into one of the expensive beer shops. Didn’t get any beer in there but eventually we did go into the The Pivni for a beer or two. We started with a wheat beer, which unfortunately went off before we could get another, so we had to try something different. In the end we, well I had three different beers, although I did give Dot half my wheat beer.

As we were walking back to the van, Dot suggested that we pop into the Smiths pub in the centre, The Burns (the old Hansom Cab), so we did and she had another wheat beer (a pint) while I had an Old Brewery. The price of both our beers in there, was about the price of one beer in the pub before.

On the way back we popped into Tesco to top up on different cheeses for our tea.

Wed March 9th

Wednesday morning it was bucketing down so we just stayed in the van and watched TV.

It stopped raining late in the afternoon and we went out to get a card for Dot’s birthday tomorrow, but the shops local didn’t have anything nice. So we just went back to the van and had a night in, we did have wine and beer back there though.

Thur March 10th

Slept in, then I made a nice big breakfast, did I mention its Dots birthday. We had a very easy rest of the morning, sat watching TV. Later in the afternoon we set off into town, we walked the quick way over Skeldergate Bridge and hit the shops.

Eventually we ended up at The Star Inn the City by Lendal Bridge and wandered in for a drink, the weather had improved that much we sat outside. As we had sat outside to drink, a few others also came and sat outside, we had started a trend. We had a look at the menu in there but did not fancy anything they had.

Happy Birthday Dot

So we moved on, we had to have a pint in the Smiths pub, that was for me to use the toilet and to have a dark beer, something they seem to have stopped serving in most pubs (I may moan about this again).

We ended up in the Cote Brasserie a French restaurant and had the set three course menu, we did have different dishes though and it was all ok. I had a couple of bottles of Pelforth Blond, not bad at all. The bill did come with a tip already added on, bit of a cheek I thought, the price was in small printing but with the tip was it was in large.

From there we went into The Pivni and again I had a yellow beer getting a bit sick of this now, I suppose the kids are the ones out, so it is their beer that’s for sale, shame they do not know what they are missing.

Fri March 11th

Up early today as we are moving on, got sorted and set off for Barnard Castle and arrived there just about twelve. There was lots of room when we arrived but by the evening the site was full.

After lunch we wandered of into town, quite a walk but not too bad. The footbridge across the Tees has changed the cables or pipes that cross the river here have been recovered with a plastic cover. Hope it is stronger then it looks.

We had a good walk about the shops, before going into the pub, The Three Horseshoes, the really nice pub and hotel. We had a few pints and even had food in there, Dot had the Steak & Ale Pie and I had the Homemade 6oz Burger. The food was very good but the beer was that gold coloured poor excuse again.

When we left we got a taxi back, it was £4.00, a bit poor when you can practically see the campsite from were we got it.

Sat March 12th

Well we could not be bothered to go out today, Dot was tired and my back was not too good at all. So we just stayed in and watched the Rugby on TV. Even after the Rugby we did nothing and even had an early night. By the way did I mention that England won, we beat Wales easily, only France to go now.

Sun March 13th

Foggy morning according to the TV, just watched the news and that's what it said, well it isn't foggy up this way, strange that.


After dinner we set off for a short walk, we wandered down the hill and along to the second footbridge over the Tees. The weather was now very nice now and we walked without our coats on. I do not have many photos of our walk as we have done it quite a few times in the past.

Up in town we had a nice sit in the sun and then a wander round the shops that were open. Before I wandered into a couple of pubs to see if the Boro match was on anywhere. We found one that said they would put it on, so we went into the Coach and Horses. They had the Rugby on one TV and put the Boro match on another one. Although after about half an hour they turned over and put the Man United match on, so we left. The language used by some of the other customers and staff in there was a disgrace and most seemed drunk early in the afternoon. This pub has really gone down hill over the last few years but at least we now know, not to pop in there again.

We went into another much nicer pub along the road the Cricketers Arms and watched the end of the Rugby. The Boro got worse as the game went on and they lost by two goals anyway. Eventually we crossed back over the road and went back into the Three Horseshoes for a couple.

On the way back to the van we popped into the Co-op and got a couple of curries to have for supper. We then walked back to the site in the dark, something we said we would not do again but it wasn't that bad.

Mon March 14th

My back was really bad this morning, it has been getting worse as we have been away but it was very bad today. Took a couple of pain killer tablets and in an hour or so it wasn't too bad.

The plan for our last day, was to go for a walk this afternoon and pop into the nice pub for tea later.

We wandered into town the same way as we did on the yesterday and wandered around the shops for a while. we soon gave up and went into the Three Horseshoes but sat outside in the sun for a couple of beers.

Dot in Barnard Castle

When the sun went down, we went inside and had our tea, we got the same as a couple of days ago only I had the Steak & Ale Pie and Dot had the Homemade 6oz Burger.

It was still early when we wandered back to the campsite.

Tues March 15th

My back was really bad again, hope it is not using the van that is hurting it. Took pain killers again and it cleared up slightly. We had a restful morning and because my back was bad (and it was raining, unlike the weather forecast, which said no rain), when we left we headed straight home.

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