Wednesday, 18 January 2017

York, second week in January, 2017

This trip was booked last year, as you know we couldn't get booked in towards the end of last year as we usually do, but we did get this one and our Birthdays in March. I think it is my memory that is causing us to miss booking times for trips like this but that can not be helped nowadays. I have looked back at last year and was surprised to see that we did almost the same things last year just a bit later in Jan.

York 8th to 11th of Jan 2016

Sunday Jan 8th

We arrived in York not long after twelve and set up against the side with the big trees. The TV was just plugged into the ring main and we were ready to go into town but we didn't. We sat and watched TV for a while and had lunch before we set off.

when we did set off we just walked along to Ouse Bridge and there crossed into the centre. Walking there, the elastic in Dots leggings burst so we made our way straight for Next to get some new ones. We then had a bit of a look around before heading to the Kings for a drink. It was nearly a year since we were last in there and there was not one person in that we recognised.

For a second pint in there I did have a Christmas beer, the Samuel Smith's, Winter Welcome Ale 2016/2017, it was very good but a bit strong at 6.0%. I only had three pints (two of them just ordinary bitter) in there before we wandered off back to the van for the night.

Samuel Smith's, Winter Welcome Ale 2016/2017, England

Monday Jan 9th

Again it was fairly late, about three before we set off into town. The sun was really shining and it was a very nice day as we walked over Skeldergate Bridge, past Clifford's Tower, to start looking in the shops.

Clifford's Tower

Fist thing that happened is that I bought some shoes, we then moved on to Dot buying a new handbag (or two) and then spent the rest of our time there shopping.

It was Monday and that is half price for meals in the Slug and Lettuce, so we made for the one next to the river. The Slug and Lettuce no longer do two for one meals on Monday anymore and the pint and a half of lager we got in there was really expensive. So we took our time drinking them, before moving on for something cheaper and our tea in Spoons. The Slug and Lettuce used to be full this time on a Monday night, when we left there were about fourteen people in there.

The Postern Gate on the other hand was fairly full but we got a seat and drinks easily. I got a pint of Ossett, Excelsior and it was not to my taste, it was not nice at all. So when we ordered food I got something different with it, Abbot Ale. Stake and Chips was on offer so we had that, it was good but it could have done with some peas or lettuce with it.

After that we made our way back to the van.

Tuesday Jan 10th

Today we decided to try and walk a bit further than the last couple of days. So we set off in the wrong direction, something we have done many times before and written about on here. Anyway we crossed over the Millennium Bridge and walked back into the centre.

Dot bought another new handbag (she had only got one yesterday), then we wandered off into the Museum Gardens to sit and get it set up. It was getting cold and the wind was getting up so we headed of to the pub to warm up. Yes we ended up in The Postern Gate again, it was warm in there and just about everything in there is also cheap.

It was still early but we ate anyway, I had the BLT and Dot had the stake pie, the stake pie didn't come with a beer but the BLT did and I had the Abbot Ale again. I had tried some of the other beers first before we ate, but they were foul, The Rat Brewery, Rat Crafted and Bad Co, Clockwork Orange, both far to hoppy.

Wednesday Jan 11th

This is what I wrote last January "Up in plenty of time to get the van sorted and left fairly early, it was due to get windy again so it was straight home."

Well it was almost the same this year, only it was already windy and it was a dodgy drive home but we got there ok.

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