Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Peterborough Day Two

Walked over to reception and bought a £5.00 WiFi card, this let me have 5 hours on the internet and unused time can be carried over for up to 6 months. Also got the Sat working for the girls to watch the cartoon networks.

Made a picnic and set of to walk round one of the lakes at Ferry Meadows Country Park just outside the campsite. Georgia and Emily went on their bikes and Amber walked with us, she did have her scooter with her but she wanted to walk. Young Ralph phoned to say he would meet up with us along the way.


We picked one of the smaller lakes to walk round, Amber only has little legs. As soon as we set off they all wanted their picnic but it was half way round before we gave in a let them eat.

Ferry Meddows

After eating the girls spotted the mini train and wanted a ride, so Dot took them on a return trip while I sat in the sun and waited for them.

Train, Ferry Meadows

Ralph phoned to say he as on the way and he arrived not long after the girls got back, It was very warm so we all went for refreshments. Ralph and I had a beer and the girls all had ice creams of some kind.

Me and the Boy

Later, back at the van we had a BBQ, then watched a film before bed

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