Thursday, 19 May 2011

Peterborough Day Three

Amber's Birthday, after breakfast and opening some presents, we quickly got ready for our morning out. A party was arranged for the afternoon, so we had to set off early for a ride on the steam train, on the Nene Valley Railway.

When we arrived at the train station it was already very busy, we got a family day pass for £17, this was half the full price of £34, you get this offer if you have a current receipt from the campsite.


The train was delayed by 20 mins (very realistic) which wasn't very good as we were on a tight schedule. Eventually as the train was approaching the girls all got very worried, as the barrier across the road was very late stopping traffic crossing in front of the train.


Even though a lot of people got on the train, we had plenty of room in the last carriage and we knew this would be the front on the return journey, when the engine switched ends.


The train was going to Peterborough, where the engine switched ends and traveled back through Ferry Meadows, to the other end of the line at Yarwell Junction, where the engine switched again and we would get off when it went trough Ferry Meadows for the second time.

TKP 0-8-0T no. 5485DSCF1605

We had to rush a bit when we got off, as all he girls were going to the party but Ralph was there to meet us at the station to help.

While the girls were out me and Ralph went for a beer.

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