Monday, 24 October 2011

York Again, two

Oct 10th

My back was still hurting but not quite as bad, that is as long as I didn't try to move too fast or bend over and I was taking a lot of painkillers.

The weather was poor so we left it until well into the afternoon when the rain stopped, before we set off to walk into town. I managed about an hour walking but that was long enough for the day. I took some photos in the Shambles while Dot bought an ice cream, then it was back to the Kings for a sit down, I must have been feeling better, as we had more than one beer this time.

Chocolate Heaven

Every time we walk back to the van in the dark, I stand on Skeldergate bridge, look at the river and think, that looks like it would make a good photo. What a waste of time, I have never taken a good photo from there, I think it's a combination of a poor camera and drink, but I try.

York at night

I managed to get into the proper bed tonight and it was a lot better than the night before, although I still didn't get a good nights sleep.

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