Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bonfire Night at Stockton

As in previous years, we booked the motorhome in to the Caravan Club site at Stockton for bonfire night, that way we didn't have to bother with all the traffic, before and after the event. We arrived early and had a walk along the river into Stockton centre, where we bought lipstick (well Dot did). While trying to find the Boro match on my phone radio, I realised that it was the late game and on TV and on Sky Sports 2. I always take the satellite dish away with us, but as we were only away for one night I didn't bother, how stupid can you get. However you can now get Sky TV on your phone or laptop, so I had to pay for extra internet access at the campsite, to get it on the laptop.

Stockton, Infinity Bridge (2009)

Jonathan, Lorraine and the boys arrived at half time and we had sausages, beans and baked potatoes, while we watched the second half, before setting off to see the display. Much warmer than past years and I saw much more than I usually do, as I didn't try to take photos for a change. A very good display, a big thank you to our local authority for still supporting things like this.

Then it was back to the van to finish the beers we had started with our supper, the first was an old favourite, Grolsch, Premium Weizen but bought for £0.69/bottle. I got it on offer from B&M Bargains, when asked how many I bought, I said all of them, Jonathan had done the same in his local B&M. I had eleven bottles, Jonathan had nine bottles, I won,

Next morning, after breakfast, we moved the van to a car park by the river and went for a walk. Even though the white water park is now open again after major upgrades and was being used by many canonists, there are still fences stopping the pubic from getting anywhere near. Hence no photos.

Teasel on the River Tees

The weather was amazing for November and after a walk along the river one way, we retuned to the van for lunch, before walking the other way. It as nice to see so many rowers out on the river, we also watched a couple of seals near the barrage catching and eating fish, big fish.

Infinity Bridge  Tees Bararge

Unfortunately, my feet started to hurt, so the walk was cut short and we headed for home. Only one day away and only a few miles from home but a very enjoyable trip.

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