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Past Trips, UK 2006 one

During a quiet time with the van, I thought I could post info on some of our trips in the UK from a year or two back, from before I started this blog. I did all our trips abroad and the links are on the left of the page but I never got around to moving the UK trips from my old web.

I started documenting our trips abroad as soon as we bought the van in Spain but I didn't think to start on the UK until 2006 and even then it was not as detailed as the foreign trips. 2006 will therefor be mainly a list of places we stayed and a few stories along the way.

Also the twins Georgia and Emily (the motorhoming twins), were only three in 2006, not at school yet, so they came with us on most trips that year.


As you may know we visit the CC site in York three or four times every year and the first time this year was for three nights March 4th to 7th, for my birthday, it was very cold, even for march. This first time was without the twins

We returned for four nights, August 19th to 23rd. Had Saturday on our own before Nicole and Tim brought the twins down to stop with us on Sunday. There was a gay pride sort of festival going on in the park (well I think that's what it was), there were bands on and stalls selling hippy stuff. There was also the usual bouncy castle and trampolines and stuff so spent a bit of time there before we had a BBQ for tea.

Day Out York 2006Trampoline, York 2006

Weather was so good we spent most of the last two days of the holiday in the park with the twins playing on the swings, etc.

YorkIce Cream, York 2006

The final two night trip to York was October 30th to Nov 1st for Halloween. Weather not too good, a bit wet, what do you expect October but we got wrapped up and had a walk round the wall, well part way round, it's a bit dodgy with the girls. We also did a trip on one of the river boats but with the weather as it was we sat inside, it was safer that way as well. This was the first time we let the girls have a go with the camera but they could not see through the view finder and took lots of pictures of people with no heads.

Wlaking the Walls, York 2006PA300136

Next day we went for a walk along the river but were caught out by a sudden downpour, it also got very windy and cold. So we headed back to the van to watch films. Later the girls got dressed up (their other Gran and Granddad had bought them witch costumes and done pumpkins for them) then went round the site trick or treating as it was Halloween and they really enjoyed themselves.

HalloweenHalloween, York 2006


We also love the site in Keswick and did it twice this year, although we do not get there much anymore. March 9th to 12th, booked for a long weekend away, for Dots birthday on the C&CC site, thought we would chance the lake district weather (we went to Prague last March for Dots birthday, it could not be colder than there, four inches of snow and the temp never above freezing), we had already spent several nights in the van in the snow over Christmas and also we did York earlier in the week for my Birthday (see York above).

On arrival on Thursday lunchtime, I was surprised to see how many others had chanced the weather as well, mostly motorhomes with a few caravans. We had booked for four night but I had made a mistake and we could only stay for three night, the people on reception were very good about it and said it was no problem and we could just pay for the fourth night if we changed our minds later.

The ground was very very wet and soft, luckily we are on hard standing, got really muddy just plugging the electrics in. We put an old mat outside the habitation door (I knew there was a reason for carrying it everywhere with us).

Put the TV on and the only channel I can not get is channel 5, obviously this is the one I want to watch the Boro v Roma in the UEFA cup. Good job I decided to put the satellite in and I was wrong anyway, its on ITV4. ASTRA 2 should be straight out the back of the van, so I stick the dish to the back with suction pads, point it at the lake and get a single first time (good tip to remember for next time, but will I??).

Keswick 2006

Into town for a few beers before the football, and Boro beat Roma, quite a good day.

Day two, Dot's birthday, it was a lot drier today but there is snow toping the mountains, went out for a meal for dots birthday, then after the meal, as there was a jazz festival on in the town, we ended up in a pub with a jazz band playing, unluckily Dot hadn't been feeling well and we had to leave early (or luckily if your not Dot).

Keswick 2006

Day three, Dot feeling better but we had a quiet day anyway, a walk into town and along the lake before a couple of beers.

Woke next morning to find the van covered in snow, and it was still snowing, had to make a fast decision, do we set off now before it gets any deeper, do we wait to see if it improves, or do we book in for another night? After talking with the people in reception and finding that the roads are still open we decide to set off ASAP and if it is too bad, we will turn around and come back.

Keswick 2006

So without breakfast we set off for home, the roads are not too bad at first and most vehicles are travelling at a steady pace but as we get to the long climb away from Keswick on the A66 the car in front of me slows right down. This is not good for me, he eventually pulls over to the side but by this time I have lost momentum and am sliding about all over, I think we will never get up but by good luck rather than skill we eventually reach the top. The rest of the trip on the A66 through Cumbria is very similar only having problems behind very slow cars but I found that if I hung back before steep inclines, I could then keep up a steady speed and not catch up before he top. Once in Durham the roads started to improve and there was no snow at all past Bowes.

The second trip to Keswick June 10th to 14th, was a lot warmer than last time we where here. Got the twins and my mother with us, although my mother is staying in sheltered accommodation just outside the site entrance road (this is run by the same people as the place she lives in, in Hartlepool and the spare room is only costing her £5.00 per night).

I put the awning up and also had to build the usual compound round the the van with windbreaks, to stop the girls running away.

Keswick 2006

Four days looking after three year old twins and my Mam was exhausting, all three of them needed consent attention but we had fun. We did walks, played in play grounds, fed ducks and played in the paddling pool.

KeswickWet Georgia and Emily

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