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Past Trips, UK 2007 one

I will try to review 2007 in the order we visited but for places like York, where we do multiple trips , I will lump them together.

Originally was going to book the Camping & Caravan Club site at Boroughbridge for our fist outing this year but in my opinion it was far too expensive for out of season. In fact I emailed them to say so, as follows

Just been on line to book Boroughbridge in Feb, but at £53.00 for three days with a Motorhome, I just do not think this is reasonable. Other private run sites are hugely discounted at this time of year, so I will book with one of them instead. I will have to think hard before I renew my membership this year.

I received the following answer.

I have read your comments, and am sorry that you feel fees on Club Sites are too expensive. However, I would stress that all fees are discussed and agreed upon by the UK Club Sites Committee, a body that consists purely of Club Members. Decisions by this Committee are made to meet the best interests of all Club Members, and to ensure the Club continues to raise sufficient revenue to maintain and improve Club Sites to the high standards that our Members have come to expect.

However, I appreciate you are unhappy with the fee structure as it currently stands, and will ensure that your comments will be recorded for possible reference by the UK Club Sites Committee.

So I booked elsewhere and emailed back.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate what you are saying but I have managed to book a site with similar facilities in North Yorkshire for £37.50. I also checked the Caravan Club and the Stockton site for the same dates, for a member, would have been £33.60 this is also a site with similar facilities. Its not that I feel the club sites are too expensive all year, just at this time of year.

Goosewood Holiday Park, Sutton-on-the-Forest, February 18th to 21st

The site we booked instead, is not far from Easingwold and fairly close to York, although we had no intention of leaving the site this trip. There is a health suite on site, small pool etc, you have exclusive use of this facility for 45 mins at £10.00 per session but were very disappointed to discover it was not in use over winter (just when it would be of most use). There was also a small shop in reception for sweets, milk, bread. etc.

This is one of those crazy sites that have hardstanding but a six to ten foot gap between the hardstanding and the road, I was reassured by the warden, that if I did get stuck they could tow me off though.

We had the twins with us and the weather was wet most of the time we where there (this was before the wet weather of 2007) but we had some dry spells and the girls enjoyed it very much.

Goosewood Holiday ParkGoosewood Holiday Park

We spent our time there walking (there is a short but muddy circuit of the fishing lake) but outside the site the is no pavement (sidewalk) so it was a bit dodgy with the twins, we also spent a lot of time in the adventure playground. Where the girls made lots of friends.

A good point for this site was a bathroom, very handy for getting twins ready for bed, £1.00 for the hot water. We had new torches for the dark walk to and from the bathroom, loads of fun.

When it was time to leave, I walk over to reception to let them know I would require towing of the pitch, as I didn't want to churn up the site any more than it was and it was quite bad in places. The warden turned up with their small tractor but insisted I try first to reverse off first, as I feared the van just sank in the mud, the warden then suggested I try to go forward and round in a circle. Eventually when it sank in to his brain as well as the mud I got towed onto the road and the site was slightly worse than it needed to be.

Crimdon Dene, near Hartlepool, April 10th to 14th

We had booked in to Crimdon just for somewhere to take the girls, as they were off school for Easter. The site was very busy, it was Easter week but the pool did not get too crowded. We now had a two man tent that we could use for the girls to play in and also keep all of their toys is, to give us more room in the van.

Crimdon, April 2007

As soon as we arrived the girls went straight to the pool, while I did thing like get the sat working. On the beach the next day on what turned out to be one of the best days of the year, we actually got sunburnt (not bad for April). Then it was in the pool before tea.

Collecting driftwoodCrimdon, April 2007

Next day we walked through the Dene and had a go at flying kites, we eventually got them to work on the beach.  Then back in the pool again.
By the Friday though it was cold and the sea fret (or fog) was very bad. Mick and Brenda came to visit on the Friday and we all went over the clubhouse for a beer, after the girls had been in the pool.

October 23rd to 24th

Back again, just one night, just because its handy and the girls love the pool it is also very cheap, £5.00 for the night.

As in April when we were last there, the site was very busy but again, the pool did not get too crowded and after the pool we went down on beach but this time there was no sunburn. Had a drink in the bar on the way back to the van and then at night watched kids films. One bad thing about the site since the beginning of the year, children are no longer allowed in the Jacuzzi, the girls loved being in there, all because some parents do not supervise there children it affects us all.

Crimdon, Oct 2007Crimdon

Next morning the girls went to the pool again while I got packed up, we were supposed to be off for 10:00 but were allowed to stay until 12:00. Where else can go to a heated indoor pool, twice, have a pitch with electrics on a site with clubhouse, all for just £5.00?

On the way home we stopped off at Hartlepool marina for a picnic and a walk around the Museum of Hartlepool (not the Historic quay the Museum of Hartlepool is free), plenty for the girls to do including a tour of the paddle steamer, PSS Wingfield Castle. The PSS Wingfield Castle was built in Hartlepool by William Gray & Co. for the L. N. E. R. as a passenger and vehicle ferry over the Humber estuary between Hull and New Holland.

PSS Wingfield Castle 2007HMS Trincomalee 1817

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