Friday, 16 March 2012

Scotland 2012, Day Five

Day Five, March 12th

Another very fine day, we sett off to Jedburgh in Mick's car. First thing we did on the way was pull over for some better photos of the viaduct Dot and I saw the previous day. Not just me this time, we all got out to have a look.

Leaderfoot Viaduct (1863)Drygrange Old Bridge (1780)

After the short bridge interlude, we continued to Jedburgh, where we parked in a large free car park close to the Abbey. The sun was shining as we took photos of the Abbey and then wandered off towards the shops.

Jedburgh Abbey Jedburgh Abbey

There are quite a few photo opportunities in Jedburgh, so we took a few more before looking for something for lunch.

Jedburgh Abbey   DSCF7247

Dot and I had a chip butty each, the other two had cheese burgers and I was the only one that didn't enjoy lunch. The kids had just got out of school for their lunch, so we had been lucky to get our before the rush. I seams that macaroni cheese is big in the borders, I do not remember seeing it on the menu much south of the boarder.

It didn't take long to walk through the shopping area and we were soon back to the river, where there was a very nice old bridge.


Back at the car, we decided to drive back the way we came and stopped off for me to get even more bridge photos before driving to the chain bridge but on the opposite side of the river from Melrose.

Old Ancrum Bridge (1782) New Ancrum Bridge (1939)

DSCF7279   Mick

Back at the campsite we sat out in the sun reading until it was time for a last night drink in the pub, before supper and more Inbetweeners in Mick's van.

Dot & Bren

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