Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Scotland 2012, Day Two

Day Two, March 9th

Had a fry up for breakfast, good thing about holiday is, letting the diet go for a while.

As Mick and Bren would not be arriving until the afternoon, we got warped up and went for a walk before lunch. We turned left out of the site, the opposite way from the shops and bars, and wandered out of town. There are some very impressive houses that way, we continued to follow the road to the village of Darnick and then down to the river. There was an impressive single track bridge over the river at this point, I took some photos and then we headed back but along the river instead of the road.

Melrose Bridge 1762

The walk along the river was very scenic, and from high up on the bank I got a nice shot of the suspension bridge. Back in town we headed back for sandwiches.

Chain Bridge 1826

When Mick and Bren arrived, they pitched next to us and after getting sorted, we all set of so we could show them the town. Well that didn't take long and we were soon in the pub, it was a lot busier than the previous day, it was Friday. We had supper ready for when we got back but in the George & Abbotsford, they put sandwiches on the bar as we were about to leave so we had to stop for another. As we did the night before, we also had one in the Kings Arms before going back for our pasta bake and a very bad film.