Monday, 29 October 2012

Rowntree Park, update.

We had our first visit back to Rowntree Park, the Caravan Club site in York, last Friday. Our first visit since its closure for refurbishment starting in January, I am not sure how long it actually closed but it was scheduled for seven to eight months.

Well besides the office and toilet block being refurbished and slightly remodelled, I can not see any other changes, at all.

At the time, I said I could not see how the club could afford to close the site for so long and now I am bemused as to why they did. Other Caravan Club sites have no facility, surely it could have managed to stay open. We the members pay for all this, and I can only see that our money has been lost here.

We only had the one night there but we did enjoy ourselves, we had a nice walk around the shops and the obligatory night in the Kinks Arms, what more could you want.

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