Saturday, 1 December 2012


We were booked to go to York for two nights in the van this weekend, but I got a phone gall from the Caravan Club during the week to say that the Rowntree Park site was flooded. Ok I thought it would be but also thought that maybe it would be open again by the weekend, after all the floods have now gone. It will not however reopen until the 10th of December so the trip is off.

A couple of days after the phone call I received an Email from the Caravan Club saying;

Dear Mr Gant

Thank you for cancelling your UK Club Site Booking with The Caravan
Club. This ensures your pitch is available for another member.

Well I didn't cancel, so I replied;

Hi there, I did not cancel the booking, the site is closed because of flooding and you phoned me to cancel. I would not like this to go on my records as a cancellation and if the site is still open I do not want the pitch available for another member, I still want it.

The Caravan Club replied;

Dear Mr Gant

Thank you for your email.

I`m sorry but Rowntree Park will not reopen until December 10th, this will give us time to access the damage and make any repairs needed. Hopefully the rain has gone for now and this will also give the site time to dry out.

I can confirm the relevant notes have been added to your membership regarding the cancellation and confirming the site has been evacuated due to flooding.

If we can be of any further assistance then please advise by replying to this email.

I think that is what the first Email should have said, it would have been more helpful.

The pub was underwater anyway and we are booked in again, in two weeks time, I hope the rain holds off until then.

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