Friday, 4 January 2013

Plans for 2013

Well unfortunately we will not be taking the van abroad again this year. As the previous two years we have managed to book mobilehomes for considerably less than taking the van. In fact this year we have paid even less than before, through a mix of different offers (Groupon and Tesco).

I would much rather take the van but our financial situation will not allow for now. Hopefully in 2014 things will be better, I have been trying to get work but I think my age is against me. Thankfully we have had ten good years use from the van, before my redundancy money ran out and inflation got the better of my pension.

However we do plan to try and use the van a little more than last year, maybe using Caravan Club Certified Locations, to save money.

In 2016, I would love to tour some of the places in France where my grandfather fought in World War One, to be in those places, exactly one hundred years after he was there.  I have his diary and know where he was on almost every day of 1916.   We did do Albert in 2006, partly for the same reason and it would be good to do Ypres in Belgium as well.

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