Thursday, 20 November 2014

August trip with the girls

The next time we used the van was in August, to go and visit Amber but we took the twins with us, as it was the summer holidays. We looked for a site down in Peterborough but eventually chose a Caravan Club Site a bit farther south, nearer Huntingdon.

Grafham Water Caravan Club Site, 10th to the 15th August.

Day one, 10th Aug 2014

We had to pick up the twins then drive to Peterborough to get Amber.  So it was not very early when we eventually arrived at the campsite.

Grafham Water Caravan Club Site

Grafham Water Caravan Club Site
Church Road, Grafham, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0BB
Web Site

While I got us settled in the girls all went over to the pool and stayed there for the rest of the day, or what was left of it anyway.

I know this site was all set up for me to show my photos but the Stroke seems to have effected me in strange ways and I do not always think to take photos.

Day two, 11th Aug 2014

Another fine day and I talked the girls into going for a walk but not before they went over to the pool first. So it was after dinner when we set off for a walk to the lake. It was not far, there was a route across the fields through a small forest and we were there.

The Girls

Well it was not as nice as it sounds, it was smelly, there was a gooey layer along the shore line and the girls didn't like it there, at all. It was a nice if short walk though.

So we set off back to the site, at least the girls loved the pool and spent the rest of the day there.

Day three, 12th Aug 2014

Today the girls spent the whole day in the pool, they came back for lunch but that was about it.

The Girls

Dot and I both spent time in the pool but not all day.

Day four, 13th Aug 2014

By now the girls where getting a bit worn out with the pool although they did pop in for a while. Then spent the rest of the day playing quite well together.

Red Box

That night the girls let off some sparklers they had found in the van from last bonfire night.

Day five, 14th Aug 2014

Today we had to drop Amber off at a hotel Cambourne, for her mothers wedding. It was a bit awkward to pack up and go out for the day but Amber had to be there.

First thing though they had to be in the pool, just for a quick swim, then it was off to find something to eat. Now Grafham Water has a couple of car parks with caf├ęs but when we got there, the van would not fit under the barriers on the car parks. So we were not wanted, we drove off and eventually came to a MacDonald's.

After lunch at MacDonald's we dropped Amber off for the wedding and then headed into St Neots to have a look around the shops.


There was a market on, so we spent quite some time there and even went to the pub next to the river for tea.

DSCF6809 Squire

After tea it was straight back to the campsite, well it was after some more shopping, just for things we had missed.

Day six, 15th Aug 2014

Today it was off home but not before the twins had one last dip in the pool.

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