Friday, 21 November 2014

Trip to Alnwick

In August we had a day out in Alnwick Gardens to meet up with some of the family and we had been just a month before with Amber but seeing as we got year long passes to enter, we decided to come back for a longer visit. The rugby ground, about three quarters of a mile from the gardens, had a campsite, so we booked in there for a few days.

Alnwick, 7th to the 10th of September

Day one, 7th Sep 2014

I had forgotten my camera (something I would never have done before my stroke), so any photos from this trip are from our phones.

We picked a bad day to be driving North passed Newcastle, as the Great North Run was on, so it took quite a while to get the last part of the way to the tunnel. We where stood still for quite a while but from there on it was a nice easy drive the rest of the way.

When we arrived at the Rugby Club, we were surprised to find about another 20 motorhomes / caravans parked up there and thought that our electric hook up was out the window. I was wrong though, all of these vans were with a rally and none of them had hook up. We found a sign for us on one of the hook ups against the fence and got settled in.

Unfortunately we do not have a photo of the site.

Alnwick Rugby Club Campsite
Greensfield, Greensfield Avenue, Alnwick, NE66 1BG
Web Site

As soon as we were settled in, we set off for the walk into town. As it was Sunday some of the shops were shut, so after a walk we headed into the gardens. Where the girls wanted to play in the water gardens and got very wet.


Very nice for the walk back.

When we got back the girl that runs the campsite game over to see us and collect the money we owed for site.

That night we popped into the Rugby Club bar, just for a couple. The people from the other vans were all in the bar as well, I am not sure whether they were showing vegetables or whether that was a separate thing going on in there. Anyway me, Dot and the girls used the lounge away from what was happening in the bar.

Young's, Hummingbird, England

Day two, 8th Sep 2014

Walked into town again and had a good look around the shops this time.

After shopping we went back into the Gardens and again the girls played in the water, but at least we were ready today. The girls had a change of clothes with them this time and used the underground toilets in the gardens to get changed.


As the girls had an extra week off school (a new school with only the first years this year), the gardens where very quiet this Monday. After messing in the gardens and getting wet, then dried and changed the girls picked a couple large of piggy banks from the shop. This will have to be part of their Christmas present for this year.

That night when the others had gone to sleep, my hart went into defib and was like that for a couple of hours. I do not know what brought it on but was glad when it cleared up.

Day three, 9th Sep 2014

The girls had got fed up with the gardens and today wanted to go to the swimming pool, which luckily was just over the road from the campsite.

That night we walked over to the bar again, were Emily watched the rugby club training on the main pitch.  I only had the one beer as the night before had really worried me somewhat.

Day four, 10th Sep 2014

Well it was time to head home but we would have a nice drive along the Northumberland coast on the way back.

We had fish and chips in Blyth, the south part of the town were the beach and chippy are, is far nicer than the rest of Blyth (sorry Blyth).

After lunch the girls played on the beach while Dot and I sat in the sun.

Georgia and Emily

Before long though it was time to get back on the road and home.

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