Thursday, 30 July 2015

Warwick, day out to London

As we did last year from Stratford, we had a day out in London from Warwick, this year was much hotter though (think it must have been the hottest day of the year so far) and it was a shorter train ride. Yes, even though Warwick is further away from London than Stratford the train ride is much shorter.

Day four, Wednesday 1st of July

The taxi turned up on time and we got to the station with plenty of time to spare, even though the traffic was horrendous and I am sure the driver chose the wrong route. At the station the driver said just to call them when we got back, more on this at the end of the day.

Took photos in the station but didn't have a card in the camera, it was still in the computer in the van and I did not twig until we were in London. The train was on time but it was very full, we stood in the doorway until after the first stop and then got seats apart but at least we had seats for the journey.

Off the train in Marylebone Station, we set off walking, it was now I discovered that the camera had no disc in it and so I had not taken any photos, yet. We sat on some steps near the Wax Works and sorted through my camera bag to find a suitable memory card and luckily found one.

Post Office Tower

On our way again, we wandered of and made our way to Oxford St, looked in the shop windows but didn't go in anywhere. From there we walked down Regent St to Piccadilly Circus and then toward what we thought was Nelsons Column.

Piccadilly Circus

Only it wasn't, just shows our knowledge of London, it was in fact the Duke of York Column. Not too bad really, as we were only around the corner from were we wanted to be.

Piccadilly Circus Duke of York Column

We walked along the Mall until we came to Trafalgar Square and got our tickets (that we had ordered on line, on offer) for the bus trip. The bus left from just opposite the tourist office and we hopped on with a good seat in the very warm sun.

Bridge DSCF8398

Last year we concentrated on the boat trip this time it was going to be the bus. We continued with the trip until we came to Tower Bridge, were we got of for a look around and maybe something to eat. We walked to City hall and had a chicken wrap to eat and sat near the river. The Tower Of London was just opposite.

City Hall The Tower

After a nice rest we have a short walk towards HMS Belfast but didn't go on-board, then on the way back towards the bridge it started to open. I managed to get some photos but there were some barges moored in the way.

DSCF8435 Tower Bridge 1886

After that we walked under the bridge to the other side at Butler's Wharf but just for a quick look around.

Back Street

Over Tower Bridge, we got some water and ice creams and had a sit by the river to eat them, before making our way back to find the bus trip again.

Dixie Queen

Back on the bus we carried on with out trip and even though it didn't seem so, it was getting near the time for the buses to finish (or at least the drivers). Anyway we stayed on the bus until it dropped us off outside the Wax Works and we walked back to the pub we used last time. As last year we made for the Allsop Arms and settled down with a nice refreshing beer or three.

The train ride back was a lot less crowded, as we got close to Warwick I phoned the taxi company, only to get as answer phone and continued it get it all the way in. Never did get them and walked back to the site.

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