Saturday, 12 September 2015

Using the Van in France

Well the van has been abroad to France for the first time in since 2010, I did not believe it was that long but is was, honest.

One reason was the price of diesel over the last few years, plus the fact that we could get cheep Mobile Home holidays in France and Holland. Towards the end of 2013 is when I had my Stroke and that seemed to put an end to my Van travels in France for good. But the Stroke wasn't too bad, it is mainly short term memory that is poor and with the price of diesel dropping to less than petrol in 2015, we decided to use the Van again.

Although we did not use the Van to stay in, we still got a very good deal with a Mobile Home but as there were six of us travelling, using the Van saved using two cars and it was much more comfortable. The toilet in the Van was also a bonus and saved lots of driving time, well pulling over into service areas that is. Also with young Ralph doing half the driving it helped quite a lot but I think we went too far into France for just the one week. Although it was nice and warm were we went.

Me, Dot, young Ralph, Georgia, Emily and Amber all went, we set off in Friday night to miss all of the traffic and pay less on the ferry (about half as much), Ralph drove in England and I took over in France. We stopped off on the way down to pick Amber up and arrived in Dover earlier than intended but luckily we got on an early ferry. Off the ferry if France, Ralph drove on for a while but eventually I took over and we arrived in Onzain a couple of hours before we could get into our Mobile Home.

While we were there we used the Van for a few trips out but mainly we just stayed on site using the pool, the write up on the full holiday is covered in the Mobile Home blog.

Now we have used the Van for an overseas trip again, I think we could go again next year but really using the Van to stay in, we will have to wait and see. Have a look back next year and see what happens.

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