Monday, 28 September 2015

York again, first time this year, 2015

York, 20th to 25th September

Well we are off to York again, first time this year, although we have got another booking there in December and also two more bookings early next year before March.

Sunday 20th September

Arrived in York just after twelve but picked a pretty poor spot, since we last booked the colour of pegs has changed (we said they were wrong since the site was last done up) but we didn't know. Anyway the site has changed since our last visit (they were doing it last time we visited in 2014) but they are working on it again. Three pitches next to the toilets were out of use as a ramp is being added to the toilet block so that disabled people can get up there, there is a newish lift already so I do not know what that is all about.

We had booked a cheep trip to Harrogate on the train tomorrow and needed to collect the tickets, so after watching the F1GP until Hamilton and Jenson went out, we wandered off to the train station. We went via the back gate and found some sort of festival going on around Bishopthorpe Road but we made our way passed and timed the walk to the station. It took us about half and hour to get there. After getting the tickets in the station we wandered off over Lendal Bridge and went for a drink.

We like to go into the Star Inn The City, just over the bridge but the beer is really overpriced in there, so we just had the one sat in the sun, before leaving for the shops. Shopping didn't take long and we headed into the Kings (not unusual for us), there were lots sat outside by the river but plenty of room inside. Had a couple in there (all new staff in there) before heading back towards the campsite.

Dot IMAG0188

On the way back we did look back along Bishopthorpe Road but it was all over, we did get a bag of chips though to help us with our tea and a couple of beers from one of the shops. see the separate Beer Blog.

Monday 21st September

It was raining just our luck. Up early got ready and made our way to the Station, we still had an half and hour wait for the train though we were early. We did get on early only to be moved onto another train just before it was due to go. Trouble with that though was, that the original one was in the way and it took about 20 mins to move it.

York Staiton Clock Train, York

Once in Harrogate we made for the shops and it was still raining, not something the weather forecaster had said. Not long later we made for The Slug and Lettuce for a half price lunch and had a beer as well. We also had the, two for one afters, as well, so I was stuffed by the time we left.


We tried to do some shopping but with the rain we could not be bothered and went into Spoons and had another beer. By the time we came out the rain had stopped, so we had a nice walk around and a sit in the sun before heading back into another pub. The Alexandra was nice for sitting outside in the sun but as it clouded over we moved inside and sat in the window. We had a couple of beers in there, before heading to the station and as we were early for the train, we popped into the stations bar for one more.


Back in York we wandered back to the van, where we had crackers and cheese for supper and one more beer before bed.

Tuesday 22nd September

Spent the morning resting in the van and had lunch before we went out for a walk into the centre. It was much sunnier than yesterday and we were going to have a sit in the park. But in the centre we found that there was a Food and Beer festival going on, so that putt us off slightly.

We had a good look around but decided that, as it was on for a few days, we could pop back tomorrow. We went off looking for flip flops for Dot. After a walk around we had a sit in the Cathedral gardens until it started to cool down.


So then we made our way into a pub near the Cathedral, yes it was the Sam Smiths one, the York Arms.

In the York Arms.

After a refreshing beer we wandered through the shops again but eventually ended up in the Kings and stayed for a couple of beers. While we were in there it started to rain but it wasn't that bad on the walk back to the van.

Wednesday 23rd September

After our usual showers and stuff, I noticed one of the toilets was overflowing and wandered into reception to report it. I was a bit disgusted to find that I was the first to make the report to the staff there, just how many other had looked and thought nothing of it. This must happen to everyone, were you find that things in the world are changing and not necessarily for the better.

After lunch we headed out for a walk again and waked down to the Millennium Bridge then back along the other side of river, to the river Foss. I felt more normal than usual and was taking photos of ducks in the river, only to discover that there was no memory card in the camera. Ho well, I may get a new one from the shops as we wander around.

I eventually got a four gig card for £1.99, I could have got a bigger one but I didn't need a big one, I have plenty back at the van. The photo taking had worn off by now though, we had walked quite a long way by now but headed on. We walked even further before we got back to the Cathedral, round the outside of the walls from, Monk Bar to Bootham Bar.

York Walls Robin Hood Tower

From there we headed in and had a sit by the Cathedral but the wind was a bit cool, so we wondered off towards the Beer and food festival.

Beer festival in York. Beer in York at the festival.

It took a bit of time to get there but we did get there eventually, as it was really expensive over £6.00 for a pint and a half, we only had the one and made our way to the Kings. In the Kings Dot got chatting to a couple, good company in there and it was still just over £3.00 for our round.

Thursday 24th September

Pored down this morning on and off but the weather seems to be improving as time goes on.  So after lunch we sett of for a walk, we wandered along the river side until we got to the railway bridge and it started to rain again. We headed over the river and into the abbey gardens, were it stopped raining again.

We followed the city walls around to Bootham Bar and walked along the walls to Monk Bar, the opposite way to yesterday but up on the walls.  From the walls we could see a couple of workers up on the Cathedral, working from ropes, better them than me.

Working on the Minster DSCF9091

After the walk on the walls, we headed around the shops and eventually ended up in the Postern Gate, the newer Wetherspoons and had our tea in there. The tea cost all together £8.98 and that was with two drinks, my drink was £2.55, Dot's drink was £3.19, that made the food £1.62 each. OK, it wasn't a main meal but we did have chicken tikka wraps with chips and for £1.62 each it was absolutely amazing.

Now, although it was an absolutely amazing price, if Spoons keep on with their moaning about minimum wage, I may just give them a miss.

I did have a couple of new beers in there and we did have three altogether, many come in have a beer and a meal then just leave.

Friday 25th September

As usual we got a phone call and had to rush off home but we are back here soon.

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