Saturday, 22 April 2017

Amber's Birthday (April 2017)

15th April to the 19th April

We could not be there for the whole of Amber's Birthday but we could get there for a couple of days and see her before we left on her Birthday. We were going to be away for a couple of days before we could get onto the site in Peterborough, then two days on the Caravan and Motorhome Site there. The first site was well out of the way over towards the Wash below Boston.

Saturday 15th April

We drove there relatively easily, although the SatNav took us down a very narrow road for the last mile or so of the journey, which it didn't have to. The route there was A19 to A1 then A17 to the side road for Holbeach Hurn, where the site was.

The Rose And Crown is a very nice name for a campsite although the site is not that good, we will have to see how it goes.

Rose & Crown Campsite

Rose & Crown
1 Low Rd, Spalding
PE12 8JN
Web Site

We booked in and were put next to the children's play area, it was windy so we didn't do much just sat in the van reading and watching TV.

At tea time we wandered into the bar, where they had a nice choice of draft beers and a good selection of food on the menu. I had a a couple of draft beers in there and for food I had the biggest Hunters Chicken and Dot had Homemade Steak & Ail Pie. It was all very nice, the beers I had were Tom Wood's, Hop Bunny Hop and one called Patron Saints Ale, not sure who made it. They were both not bad, better than I expected but we only had the two, then left.

Sunday 16th April

Another quiet day in the van, we didn't do anything at all, except read and watch TV. After the GP we wandered back over to the bar and had a Beef Sunday Dinner, when we got there we were told there was no beef left but on checking, the chef had just cooked another one. It was really good and I had another new beer in there, Tom Wood's, Imp Stout, although I moved back on to the Patron Saints Ale for the second one. Again we only had the two and the meal then wandered back to the van.

Monday 17th April

Today we were thankfully moving on to Ferry Meadows Caravan and Motorhome Site in Peterborough. Again our SatNav took us down some very strange roads to get there. We got there ok and we were half an hour early but we were just allowed in. People were still leaving, well into the afternoon, what happened to no entry until twelve thirty and having to leave by eleven or eleven thirty. First the change of name then the change of rules, what is the club coming too (I do not believe the rules have really changed).

Amber, Ralph and Fran turned up not long after we got there and pretty soon we had the BBQ going, we also had a few beers.

Later that night, Amber stayed with us and I watched the Boro match on Ralph's iPad before bed.

Tuesday 18th April

Ralph came back late in the morning and him and amber ate all of the sausages that were left from yesterdays BBQ.

We then all went out for a drive in Ralph's car, to Rutland Water, one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. We did not stay there very long but Amber managed to get an ice cream before we left.

Rutland Water

We took a long way back to the site as the A1 the way we wanted to go was stood still. When we got back Fran and her granddaughter came over and latter on, we all went to the Beefeater for a birthday meal for Amber.

Wednesday 19th April

Amber's birthday, Ralph and Fran came over early and we spent the morning together before we had to leave to get back for Dot to go the work on Thursday.

Amber, 12th Birthday

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