Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cathedral and Beer

Durham Day Two

Up with the birds (six am), not as idyllic as it sounds though, these noise birds belonged to the rowing teams arriving and preparing boats for practice (there were also mens teams).

Before lunch we made a visit to the castle and cathedral. Durham cathedral is one of those that do not allow photos to be taken inside, I have been in some of the biggest cathedrals in the world and they are not bothered about it, we had a quick look and wandered of, it is very beautiful though, if a bit rugged. From the river it is a very impressive sight and that is where we went next.


Wetherspoons, Water House for lunch and a couple of new beers, then we had to find somewhere to watch the rugby. The girls went shopping and Mick and I found a rather nasty pub to watch Italy v France, so at half time we moved to the Half Moon. Later we had food in Mick and Brens van and watched a video, the club bar was closed for a private do, it went on late and was very noisy.

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