Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Durham March 11th to 15th

Durham, was a longer drive than I expected, nearly two hours, AutoRoute reckoned on about an hour and a quarter but the A1 had lots of roadworks.

City Boathouse, Caravan Club Certificated Location.
We were on the Caravan Club CL at the Durham Amateur Rowing Club on the banks of the river wear, 10 min walk from the centre of Durham. Electrics are available as are toilets and showers when the club is open (most of the day).

City Boathouse, Caravan Club Certificated Location.

Durham Amateur Rowing Club CL,
City Boathouse, Green Lane, Old Elver, Durham DH1 3JU

Day One

We set up on the on the car park as grass was very wet and messed up after the snow during the hard winter we had. New hard standing are to be laid soon but the price will rise to £12.50/night then. Tried the satellite but big trees blocked the signal, so gave up.

Had lunch and set off along the river into the city centre, after a short time in the shops, we got a call off Mick and Bren to say that had arrived and were heading in to see us in the pub. We arranged to meet in the Swan and three Cygnets, a good idea for two reasons, it was raining by now and it was a Sam Smiths pub. After one, we moved on the the Half Moon for more hand pulled beers and then on to the campsite bar for more hand pulled beer.

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