Thursday, 17 March 2011

England v Scotland

Durham Day Three

Woken early again by the rowers, so got up and took some photos. If you need the toilets or showers, you need to find someone with a key for the clubhouse, luckily I never had a problem finding someone though.

After Mick and Bren left for home we had our lunch and set off into the city to find somewhere to watch the England v Scotland game.

We bought a TV aerial in the £ shop (with little hope that it would actually work) and then popped into the Market Tavern just as the game was kicking off. Good selection of beers and I though it was cheap but he barman hadn't poured a drink for Dot. It was expensive (by my standards anyway), so we had the one and moved on to the Half Moon at half time, for a couple of beers there. England won, the Scots played very well and if they could be up for it like that in every game and not just against the English, they would be much better team (in my humble opinion). After another couple of beers and a laugh in the Swan and Three Cygnets we arrived back at the site for tea and the TV aerial worked.

Durham Amateur Rowing Club