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Lythe Caravan And Camping Park

Towards the end of June, I mentioned that we had a Groupon for a couple of nights on a campsite near Whitby. The site, Lythe Caravan And Camping Park, is about four miles north of Whitby on the A174 behind a pub.

Lythe Caravan And Camping Park

Lythe Caravan And Camping Park
High Street, Lythe Whitby
North Yorkshire, YO21 3RT

Day one, July 7th

The weather was dreadful, we had phoned the site the previous day to check the the ground was firm enough to take the van, as we didn't have hard standing and were assured we would be ok. But we were also informed that we weren't booked in, we had phoned three times to book and on each occasion the person on the phone did not sound sure about what was going on.

Arrived and asked in the pub where to go, there is a new entrance to the site further down the road, the old road in was very narrow. The ground was sodden, I backed onto the pitch with the front wheels just off the road and on rubber mats.

It was very foggy and not very warm but not coat weather. As it wasn't raining (very unusual this year) we walked down the bank (Lythe Bank) into Sandsend. You could not see the sea from the prom but it was still short sleeve temperatures. There were lots of families on the beach making the best of it but it did look strange in the fog.

Eventually ended up in the The Hart Inn bub, very expensive beers but we had two as the sun came out.

The Hart InnBlack Sheep, Golden Sheep, England

It was a long haul back up to the campsite, we took our time as the bank is very steep and had a couple of sits along the way. We had to have a beer at pub back the site The Stiddy, to get our breath back. The beer was a lot cheaper than it was in Sandsend.

The Stiddy

After tea I convinced dot to go back over to the bar. The lounge was full of people eating so we went into the bar, some of the villagers in there were a bit strange. We only had the one and went back to the van to watch TV. I had not bothered bringing the satellite and the digital reception was not great but it was ok for what we wanted.

Day two, July 8th

The weather was not as good as the previous day (and that wasn't that good), so we got the bus into Whitby. The bus stop is outside the pub and as it was a Sunday they only went every hour. We timed it just right and it was around £5.00 each for a return fare.

It was pretty cold in Whitby and there was intermittent rain all day, so I didn't take many photos. After all, I do have plenty of photos of Whitby already.

First we spent some time in the shops, mainly to be out of the rain, although I do not remember buying anything. We then crossed over to the south side of the river and did the rest of the mainly tourist shops and walked up to the viewing point on Henrietta Street. There wasn't much of a view on the day though. We made our way back to the shops, down the ramp to the pier and along the short section of beach while the sun was out. The sun didn't last long and we headed back over the river, where we had one beer in the Jolly Sailor, very cheap (as I have mentioned before) but there were some very foul mouthed people in there, so we left.

There was just enough time to make it to the Co-op to get some bacon, for a mixed grill we were going to have for tea. We had about five mins to get what we needed before the shop closed but managed to get the bacon and some salad stuff.

It was too early to go back to the site, so we set off for the Dolphin for a beer, it was closed for a while but has reopened and now has hand pulled beers. Other good news, the New Angel, which has also been closed for a while, is to be reopened as a Wetherspoons very soon.


Had a couple in The Dolphin before going for the bus back to the campsite. Had another in The Stiddy before going back to the van for a large mixed grill.

Day three, July 9th

The weather was the worst it had been, so we packed up early and set off for home.

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