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Past Trips, UK 2009 Edinburgh

Edinburgh March 2nd to 6th 2009

Thought we would do something different for my birthday this year, so we booked the Caravan Club site in Edinburgh Scotland. A lot of this trip has been covered in much more detail in our walk blogs, so a link to each of them is included for each day.

Edinburgh Caravan Club Site
35-37 Marine Drive, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH4 5EN
Web Site

Day one, 2nd March

Arrived at the CC site on the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh, too late to make the long journey into the city centre, so we walked down to the river and along to a very nice village, Cramond.  A very scenic but cold walk, with great views of Cramond Island and the causeway leading to it, you can also see the two magnificent Forth bridges just visible above the hills in the distance.

Firth of Forth Walk

We did have to shelter from a rain shower in an excellent pub for a while, the Cramond Inn, with a lovely warm open fire, good beers and good food.

After the rain and after completing the walk we returned to the pub for more beer before walking the 1.5 miles back to the campsite in the dark.

Click here for more photos and the detailed description of the walk

Day two March 3rd

Up early for a day in the centre of the city, a minibus operates from the site reception to the city centre, from 09:30 to 11:30 in and 16:00 to 18:30 return from the city, it is £2.00/person/trip. This is a lot better than having to find public transport, it is also considerably quicker.


Click here for more photos and the detailed description of the walk

On the evening we walked back to the Cramond Inn for some more of the lovely Sam Smiths wheat beer, we took a torch with us this time.

Day three, March 4th

It was very frosty when we got up, I got half way to the shower block but decided to go back and warn Dot about how bad the black ice was, just in case she set off before I got back to let her know.

Over to reception early and back to the city centre by minibus again, it was still frosty early on but warmed up later. Yesterday we walked the old town, today we did the new town (not that new, it was mostly the same last time I was there, in the sixties, lol).

We had a look in the Hard Rock Cafe to see what was on offer for lunch, well as you probably know, we operate on a tight budget and I was not very impressed with the prices in there, also the choice of beer was poor, so we had one beer and left.

Bitter and Twisted

We did have lunch and another beer in a a good pub (as a birthday treat) and got the first minibus of the afternoon back to the site so we could get to the village pub for another birthday drink.

Click here for more photos and the detailed description of the walk

Did I mention that the campsite is on the very busy flight path to the local airport, so low flying airplanes are pretty frequent. Not everyone's cup of tea but the noise was not to bad and I enjoyed watching the planes, and its something to watch on the way to the pub. Not that you need any other scenery to look at as it is all beautiful on this stretch of the coast.


Day four, March 5th

Snowing when we woke, we were going to drive to Queensferry, for a walk and to look the famous Firth of Forth Bridges. After breakfast we decided we would go anyway, during the journey we began to worry that the snow was getting worse and we would be stranded.

Anyway we got there and parked in a free car park off the B924 (this part of the B924 is Edinburgh Road) in South Queensferry, between the two bridges but closer to the rail bridge. We had a cup of tea and some sandwiches in the van and by the time we finished the sun was shining and the snow gone. I took before and after photos of the bridges, some with it snowing and some in the sun.


It was relatively warm and dry for the walk and we had another cupper in the van before heading back to the campsite.

Click here for more photos and the detailed description of the walk

It was early when we got back, so we parked up on the seafront near to Cramond (the road that passes the campsite changes to a dual carriageway just after the site, continues for about half a mile to nowhere and comes to a dead-end, very strange but it is used as a large car park) and went down to the beach for another shorter walk.

The tide was out and for the first time this week, the causeway to Cramond Island was exposed so we had a walk out to the island. Just as we got there, we realised we had stupidly not checked the tide times and set off back to the mainland, as it turns out, we had plenty of time as the tide was still going out.


We had to have the obligatory pint in the Cramond Inn, before we set off back to the site for a night in front of the TV.

Cramond Inn

Day five, March 6th

We had all day to get back home, so we drove into Berwick for a walk. We did not venture far into Berwick, we parked on the south side of the Tweed and walked over the oldest of the bridges and then along the river, under the road bridge to the railway viaduct.


From there we retraced our steps back to the van for lunch before continuing the very long drive home.  

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