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Past Trips, UK 2009 Cotherstone

Cotherstone May 9th to 11th

The girls were off school so I rang Doe Park last minute to see if they had a pitch for two nights.

Doe Park, Campsite
Cotherstone, Bernard Castle, Durham, DL12 9UQ
 Our previous visit there.

Day one, May 9th

Not a long drive to Doe Park and it was our second visit although a first stopover there for Georgia, only Emily stopped with us last year. Not an awful lot for children on the site except for the animals on the farm but it feels very safe there. So after lunch, to help keep the girls busy we set off for a walk, the ground was wet so it was on with the wellies. We left via the back of the site, and across the fields towards the old viaduct, they were not keen on walking but the sheep and lambs kept them occupied.


At the viaduct it was very windy and cold and the girls didn't want to walk any further, so we set off back to the site. Back at the site we convinced the girls to carry on walking and left by the side gate and headed to the old mill by the river Balder. It was much warmer down in the valley out of the wind, it fact I took my coat off and sat in just my t-shirt. The girls played nicely by the river, until one slipped in the mud (forget who) and we had to go back up to the van get changed.


After tea and showers we settled down to watch Disney DVDs until bedtime.

Day two, May 10th

The girls were up and out early with a football and played for a while with some other children on the site. Then we set off for a walk to the river Tees with a picnic lunch. We left by the side gate and headed down the hill, passed the old mill by the river Balder, then over the river into the village. Then left via the road down to the Tees and not using the muddy path like last time. We then crossed back over the Balder and then the river Tees.


 Over the Tees, we found a nice spot for our picnic by the river, it was next to a rope swing, that the girls found to be great fun.

Tarzee / Tarzie?

On the way back we stopped to play by the old mill again, for some reason the girls loved it there and it is a very beautiful location. The river balder was a lot lower than the previous day and it was warm again. Later after tea, it was DVDs until bed time.

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