Monday, 1 December 2014

Stratford on Avon

Dot was off work for a week, so she looked for somewhere to go in the van. It would usually have been a trip to France for a week or two but Dot did not trust me too far away from home and to tell the truth I was not too sure ether.

Anyway Dot found a place very close to Stratford on Avon, so we decided to book in there, we also booked a day trip to London on the train.

Stratford on Avon, 18th to the 25th September.

Day one, Saturday 18th Sep 2014

I drive a lot slower than I used to, it saves petrol and I just do it now. Anyway we took the A19 to the A168 and the A1M then down to the M18 and the M1. The M1 had road works and was very busy, so I decided there and then, we would come back another way. From the M1 we took the M69 / A46 to the A439 into Stratford. In Stratford we crossed over the river and headed back north along the B4086 to the campsite.

Riverside Caravan Park, Stratford

Riverside Caravan Park
Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7AB
Web Site,

We got settled in but it was a bit late for a trip into the town centre, so we just had a look around the site and went to the bar for a couple of drinks.  The bar is new and very nice, although down here the price of drinks seems to be a little bit high.


Anyway we had an early night, to get over the drive down.

Day two, Sunday 19th Sep 2014

After breakfast we walked over to the river, to get the boat into Stratford. We were supposed to spend quite a long time there today but as I was not too well, we didn't.  I was a bit moody as well, don't ask me I do not know why.

We did have a bit of a walk around though, I think as it was Sunday and not all of the shops were open there wasn't that much to do.  Although there was a market on but as I said, don't ask me I do not know why I was moody and I am probably exaggerating (you will have to ask Dot).

Lowen Market Day

We did have a look at the Shakespeare centre and another thing we did, was have a look for the train station and decided it was too far to walk.  We asked about a taxi and decided that we would do that to get to the station on Tuesday morning.

RSC William Shakespeare's Birthplace

We headed back to the campsite fairly early.

Day three, Monday 20th Sep 2014

Bit of a rest day today also the weather wasn't very good at all.  We did pop over to the bar that night for an early drink before we went to bed early, as we had to be up next day for the London trip.

Day four, Tuesday 21th Sep 2014

Well today is the day we are off to London, so it was up early to get ready and get over for the taxi at reception.

The rest of this day is covered in a separate blog here.

Day five, Wednesday 22nd Sep 2014

Another quit day resting after our trip to London. It was another cool day but we did walk up the village of Tiddington just outside the campsite. It was a nice little place but most of it was closed, except for the shop, so we got a couple of things in there.

Day six, Thursday 23rd Sep 2014

Today was our day out in Stratford, we got the boat in after breakfast and had a walk along the river, to the bridge at the south end of town.  We crossed over the footbridge next to the bridge on Seven Meadows road and walked back along the other side of the river, through nice open parkland.

Footbridge Colin P. Witter Lock

We crossed back over the river via the old rial bridge witch is now a footbridge, before we hit the shops.


We had a good look around the shops before eventually heading to a pub for something to eat.  There was a Wetherspoon's so we went in there and why not. While we were in there I had a couple of new beers, one was much better than the other but you can see that here.

We were going to stop out late but we got the last boat back to the campsite.

Day seven, Friday 24th Sep 2014

It was a bit of a drab day but eventually after lunch, we got the boat into Stratford and we had a walk along the canal. It started to rain again though, so we headed back into town.

Stratford-upon-Avon Canal Canal boats

We were surprised to find a fair ground set up along the streets, very strange.  I am sure it was not there the day before.

DSCF7416 DSCF7413

After another look around the shops and as the weather was bad we just headed back to the campsite, were we had a beer before bed. We had to go home tomorrow.

Day eight, Saturday 25th Sep 2014

Before we headed back north, there was one more thing we had to do.  My late brother Andrew is buried down here, not very far from the campsite, so we had to go and visit before we went home. We drove straight there with no problems.


I say no problems but you know what I mean, it was very upsetting indeed.

Then it was the long drive home, we did go back a different way and it was no longer, except for the hold up on the A1.

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