Tuesday, 24 May 2011


On the way back from Peterborough and after a one night stop at the CC site at Clumber Park, we stopped of at Boroughbridge, for a picnic lunch by the river Ure in the not sun.  I fancied chips with our chicken sandwiches, so we walked back over the bridge from the car park by the river, to find a fish and chip shop.  We were in luck there was one just over the river and we got a very large portion of chips.


As we finished lunch, I heard a boat coming along the river and thought it would be good to go and see it go through the lock. It is about half a mile and me and Emily set off in a rush to get there, followed at a much slower pace by the other two. We got there in no time and waited for the boat and the others to arrive, Dot and Georgia soon met up with us but the bot never did (we later found out, it had moored in town).

Milby Lock

We eventually gave up waiting for the boat and headed back to the van but when we were about half way back a narrowboat  came along.  I asked the helmsman if they were going through the lock (we didn't want to go back only to find him tied up for the night), the answer was yes, so we about turned and walked back to the lock.


We walked back quicker than the narrowboat and got there before the did, then the girls helped the friendly couple with he lock gates, I think they may have got in the way more than helped though.

Helping Hand
Still Helping

We watched the boat motor off down the river towards Linton before once more heading back to the van and home.

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