Tuesday, 24 May 2011

York, Trip Two 2011

Well we had got an extra booking for York's Rowntree Park CC site, I saw a post on the Motorhome Facts.com forum stating that the site had room in May, so I got online and booked.  It was just for two nights, a Sunday and Monday

We have been to York that many times, that there is very little to write about, so here are the highlights.

Day one, we arrived early, there was supposed to be holdup in road works but there wasn't, so we were 20 mins early.  We know they have strict rules but Dot went and asked at resection as we were there anyway, the answer, no way would we be allowed in before midday.  So we turned round and parked up by the Slip Inn for 15 mins.  Four caravans drove passed us as we sat there, and as there is no room for them to turn, they were allowed on site, double standards, or what.

We got a space near to where we usually do and while dot made some sandwiches, I got the satellite working. It had been fine but as we set off into the centre, it started to rain, so we took a large umbrella. It didn't last for long and it was fine again before we got all the way into the centre. All we did was have a walk around the shops and had a few beers with friends, old and new, in the Kings Arms by the river.

Back at the van our supper had already been prepared before we went out and only needed to go in the oven to warm.

Day two, we were going to have a long walk along the river but my feet and knees were not good, so we settled for a much shorter walk, the weather was not that warm either. We walked away from the center crossed over the river vie the Millennium Footbridge and headed back in. When we reached the confluence with the Foss, we followed the Foss into the city centre.

We did plenty of shopping but bought hardly anything, we also walked the outside of part of the walls we hadn't done for a long time, in the end we had put quite a few miles in, before we inevitably ended up in the Kings

York City Walls

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