Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Clumber Park

On th way back from Peterborough we stopped off for one last night at Clumber Park Caravan Club site.  Checked in a parked up on the same pitch as we did last time we were there, also like last time, the girls were straight over to the playground.  As soon as we were ready, we set off towards the lake, with the girl on their bikes.  We took the longer route to the house via the roadway, along Clumber Park's Lime Tree Avenue (is the longest of its kind in Europe, planted in about 1840, it is almost 2 miles long and consists of 1,296 common limes).  Unlike last time, it was very, very busy but what can you expect during school holidays.


When we got there Dot and the girls when to the playground while I set off to find the bridge I didn't get t photo last time, as it rained.  This time the sun was shining and I got the shot, then it was back to the others.

The River Poulter

There are also some good views along the lake from the bridge.

Clumber Park

Back at the playground the girls are still rushing about having fun, time to stop all that and go for an ice cream. Only they didn't get ice creams they got little balls of frozen fruit flavored ice, which melt before you can eat them all, leaving a sticky mess.

G & E

Then the girls went to look in the shop and wanted to buy bows and arrows but I would not let them, which didn't go down well. So I took them for a look the museum there, only is was closed for refurbishment but we did get a coupe of plastic swards there instead of the bows. The one Emily got also made bubbles.

We then set off back to the campsite vie the shorter route along the river and through the trees, many of the rhododendrons that the girls hid in last time we were there, have been cut down, maybe they were diseased or just very old.

RhododendronClumber Park

Back at the campsite it was sward-fencing and bubbles, while I did nice things like empty the toilet.

CC Site, Clumber Park

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