Friday, 3 June 2011

Durham, Trip Two 2011, Day Two

The girls were out early after breakfast, watching the rowers and playing in the dirt with their new cars and bubble swards.


We headed into Durham for lunch and got something very similar to yesterday and again eat in the main square. I was a lot warmer but also a lot noisier as workmen were digging and drilling to fit new seating in the square.


After lunch we set off to find some new sandals for Emily to take on her holidays to Spain. New sandals in the bag, we went back to the £ shop to get even more toy cars to play with. Next it was time for ice cream, we knew there was a man selling some from an old fashioned ice cream vending tricycle in the main square.

Ice Cream

After the ice cream, the twins surprised me by asking to go to the pub, it was to get their new cars out to play. Back in the Swan and three Cygnets, I was disappointed to find that the Old Brewery Bitter was off. So I had to have an Organic Wheat Beer the same as Dot.

Organic Wheat Beer

Back at the site and after tea, we went over to the bar for a beer and game of pool, before a DVD and an early night.

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