Friday, 17 June 2011

Haggerston Castle, Day Three

Day out in Berwick-upon-Tweed today. It's not very far to Berwick but you do need a car to get there, so mick was driving again, good boy.

We parked in a spot close to where Dot and I parked on the way back from Edinburgh in 2009, on the south side of the river Tweed, near the old bridge. We crossed over the river and set off anticlockwise around the town walls or the Elizabethan fortifications.

Berwick Walls

Me and Dot had done this before but still managed to get it wrong, by coming down from the walls, to see the pier and lighthouse, we walked away from the walls and had to fine our way back to them.


I will do a much more detailed discription of the walk for my Walking Blog

Back at the walls, we were lucky to find a gate and steps to get back up to complete the full circuit of the town, exploring the fortifications along the way.

DSCF2626Hidden Gun Positions

At the end of the walk, we got the chips or lunch that we didn't get yesterday and eat them as the base of the walls.


After the chips, it was time for a drink and we found a Wetherspoons, bit of luck there, what wasn't lucky though, was I ordered what turned out to be the worst beer I have had for a very long time. We only had the one, not just because I had a bad one but Mick was driving.

What to do next, we headed to Scotland but just for a photo on the border.


Then as the sun was shining we headed to Holy Island again but the tide was due in and we didn't have much time. So with no time to get better photos in the sun, we sat on the island side of the causeway watching the tide come in until it was time to get on the other side.

Causeway Markers

Back on the right side of the causeway, instead of diving off though, Mick wanted to stop and watch the causeway being covered by the incoming tide. We even had ice creams from a van on the causeway, but when the ice creams van left we know we should be moving. But we didn't we waited until the sea was coming over the road before we left to go to the Lindisfarn Inn for a beer.

Time to moveCauseway

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