Friday, 17 June 2011

Haggerston Castle, Day Four

Another day out in Mick's car, the weather was hit and miss, warm and dry one minuet then wet and cold so a drive down the coast was the best idea.

First stop was Bamburgh, where I was surprised we found a parking place, Mick and I jumped out to take some photos of Bamburgh Castle while the sun was out before we moved on to Seahouses.

Bamburgh Castle

At Seahouses we parked in a pay and display car park on the front (got a one hour ticket) and set off along the pier. It was incredibly cold along the pier for this time of the year and we were not dressed for it, surprisingly everyone else was though. Not that surprising really as most of them had boat trips to the Farne Isles, that left from the end of the pier. I once went passed the the Farne Isles on a boat, I was sick, Dot fancied a boat trip I didn't.

Seahouses PierDSCF2750

After the pier we walked around the town, it smelt of fish and chips, which made us all hungry but we had a picnic with us. So it was back to the car and a dive to find a spot to eat it. We found a spot on the front at Beadnell with a nice view of the rocky foreshore. There didn't appear to be anything at Beadnell until we found the village centre inland from the seafront.


Having driven far enough south we headed back to Bamburgh, again we were lucky and found a good parking space outside a pub, very handy. But first we had a walk to he beach to see if there was a good view of the castle from there.

Bamburgh CastleBamburgh

By now my feet were killing me, so we made our way back to the town for a sit down and a beer, a very nice beer. While we were drinking it started raining again. so when we finished we headed back to the campsite. Only we didn't quite make it, we stopped at the Lindisfarn Inn again, for another beer.

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