Thursday, 9 June 2011

Haggerston Castle, Day Two

The weather had deteriorated from what it had been the last few days and it was quite cold but we took warm clothes and set off for Holy Island in Mick's car for the day. I had checked the tide table and we were all right on the island until 16:00 before the causeway closed.

We parked up and set off toward the Castle, but it was very cold and my feet were hurting so we didn't make it that far. But we did take lot of photos of it.

Lindisfarne CastleLindisfarne

Then we just walked around the small harbour and then along the Heugh to the ruins of the abbey or Lindisfarne Priory, I think is the right name for it.

Osborne's Fort, LindisfarneLindisfarne Priory

Then it stared to rain so we made our way back to the village and retreated to a pub, what else can you do. They had some really good hand pulled beers but as soon as it stopped raining we headed back to the car, while it was dry. 


Back across the causeway, at the junction with the A1 is the The Lindisfarne Inn, so we had to have a look in, just to see what beers they had and good beers is what they had. As Mick was driving, we soon had to get back to the campsite and give the bar there another go. We were going to get some chips for lunch but didn't find any so first we had something to eat, the spaghetti bolognese we were going to have later. As yesterday, none of us liked it in the bar so it was back to the vans for the night again and we had some cheese and crackers for supper.

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