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Past Trips, UK 2007 three


August 27th to 29th

The Blackwell Ox Caravan Park

The Blackwell Ox Caravan Park 
Carlton-in-Cleveland, Cleveland TS9 7DJ 

This is a small site is in the village behind the Blackwell Ox pub/restaurant which serves traditional English fare and authentic Thai cuisine, plus some very good beers.

We met up with Nicole and the twins there, they had been to the pub for their lunch, then she left the girls with us for two days. There is a very good playground and tree house so the girls were very happy there and there were some other children for them to play with. I let the girls have a look on top of the van, big mistake, they haven't stopped asking if they can do it again since.

The Blackwell Ox Caravan ParkPlayground at the Blackwell Ox

We had a walk around the village (very small) and had a beer in the pub, we also met a couple who were members of the Motorhome Facts forum, Ken and Steph.

Alum BeckThe Blackwell Ox, 2007

Unfortunately it looks like 2007 will be the last season for this site as they are going to build cabins on the touring site (the site is now closed to tourers),


September 10th to 12th

Cote Ghyll Caravan & Camping Park 2007

Ghyll Caravan & Camping Park Osmotherley
Northallerton, Yorkshire, DL6 3AH

10th Sep

We arrived on the Monday and had a day to ourselves for a change, we also had the car with us as we were going to pick up the girls from school the next day.

Very quiet site (outside school holidays that is) just off the A19 and just north of Osmotherley, with good new facilities. If you like walking then this is the site for you, Osmotherley is the start of the Lyke Wake Walk is on the Cleveland Way and nearby is the Coast to Coast walk. One word of warning, this site does not take credit cards or debit cards, only cash or cheques.

There are three very good pubs in the village with good food, about ten mins walk away, also a cafe, a post office/shop, an outdoors shop and a chip shop (not open Monday and Tuesday).

We had a walk into town and had a few beers in a couple of the pubs.

Osmotherley 2007

11th Sep

At lunch time we picked the girls up from school in the car and went straight back to the site, where the girls headed over to the playground, before lunch.

Cote Ghyll Caravan & Camping Park 2007Picnic Crisps

After a picnic lunch in the sun, its back to the playground, then a play in the beck, followed by a longer walk in the woods.

Cod BeckOsmotherley Sep 2007

Next morning we were up early to get the girls to school and I had to go to the dentist anyway.

Pateley Bridge

September 13th to 18th

Riverside Caravan Park

Riverside Caravan Park 
Low Wath Road, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, HG3 5HL

13th Sep

The site is on the bank of the river Nidd, a short walk from Pateley Bridge centre (about 500 yards), average facilities but old (2011, they have now been updated and are much better). Pubs, banks and shops in the village and also two Indian takeaways and two chip shops. Good place for a relaxing holiday or for walking and exploring if you feel like it. One word of warning, this site does not take credit cards or debit cards, only cash or cheques.

When we arrived it was sunny, so we set up the van for the evening got the satellite working and then sat in the sun for a while. When it started to cool down we had a walk in to town and had a couple of good beers in the bar of the Crown Hotel.

14th Sep

Today we just set off walking along the riverside and ended up in a tiny village called Wath, it had a pub the Sportsmans Arms, so we had a beer and a rest, we thought about having food there but it was rather expensive.

Wath, Pateley Bridge 2007

So we set off back to Pateley Bridge along the other side of the river, the trail followed an abandoned railway line. Back in Pateley Bridge we had a beer in the Crown and went back to the van for something to eat.

Wath, Pateley BridgePateley Bridge

We usually get an Indian on Friday night so tonight we were going to do the same, we would have some beers in the Crown Hotel, order from the Bangladeshi over the road and take it back to the van to have while we watch England v South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.  As the time to the game got closer, the pub started to fill up, there was a wall lamp close to the TV that could not be switched off without all of the other lights, so the landlord passed a tea towel to one of the rugby fans, asking him to remove the bulb but as soon as he touched it, the whole fitting came away from the wall.  I think he was set up, and there was much hilarity and cheering from the others, as we got up to leave, the lads at the bar said there was no need to go, we could stay and watch with them, I said "no thanks, I think we will be a lot safer back at the van".

Back at the van the food was excellent (only it wasn't what we had ordered) but the rugby was the worst game I have ever seen, Eng 0 - 23 RSA, glad we watched on our own and not in the pub.

15th Sep

There are plenty of places to visit in the area, Brimham Rocks three and a half miles, Stump Cross Caverns four miles, How Stean Gorge seven miles but we had done them all before and we didn't want to take the van out.  So we went for another walk along the river only in the opposite direction to the day before, we took a picnic to have of lunch.  The beginning of the walk was a continuation of yesterday following the old railway until the river starts dropped away, then there was a nice path to follow.  The river eventually meandered off into the trees but the path followed a man made channel, that I surmised was a mill race and it did eventually lead to a large man made lake, a mill pond. So we had our picnic on a bench by the lake and watched some girls learning how to canoe.

At the far end of the lake we crossed over a bridge and walked the long way back, along the road to Pateley Bridge.  The road came back into town by the Royal Oak Inn, so we had to pop in for a beer, they were doing a roaring trade in steaks and it wasn't until we left that we saw the big sign that they were on special offer.

We got fish and chips from the shop on the high street for tea and of course, we went to the crown on the evening.

16th Sep

Sat by the van most of the day relaxing and reading in the sun, we did pop into town for a very acceptable lunch in the Crown and then again later on for a few beers.

We returned in 2011 with the Girls


September 17th to 18th

Old Station Yard Caravan & Camping Park

Old Station Yard Caravan & Camping Park 
Station Road, Masham, Yorkshire, HG4 4DF 

On the way back from Pateley Bridge we decided to have a night in Masham just to see what the new site was like.

Arrived at the site but it looked overcrowded and a bit scruffy, anyway we drove straight past and into town, just to see how far the walk would be. If was too far, we were going to carry on to another site next to a pub but the walk was not too bad so we decided we would stay. As we drove through town to head back to the site, we were held up by filming for ITV's Heartbeat and when we got back, it was all of the equipment for the actors and crew that was making the place look cluttered.

We drove in but couldn't see where to go because of all the film crew but a girl came out and guided us to a pitch through all of the vans, busses, costume caravans, generators, catering wagon and parked cars. In the end there was hardly anyone else on the site.

We got changed and headed back to see if we could see any of the filming but as we where leaving the site everyone was coming back for lunch from the chuck wagon. We headed into town anyway and had some fish and chips in the square. As it was cold and there was no filming going on we headed to the pub for a libation, it was very busy but we managed to get a seat. My eye was drawn to a man having a meal on the next table and I eventually worked out it was the actor John Duttine, as we had stopped watching Heartbeat some time ago I hadn't realised he was in it. Anyway he wasn't with the others back at the campsite he was booked in the hotel we were drinking in.

After a couple of drinks we headed back in the general direction of the site but didn't get far, we got a few thing for tea in a small but very well stocked shop and ended up in another pub.

When we did get back, the TV people were clearing up and soon the site was just about empty. I set the dish up and we had the rest of the evening in.


November 4th to 6th

White Water Caravan Club Park

White Water Caravan Club Park Tees Barrage
Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 2QW

The Stockton site is a Caravan Club site on the banks of the river Tees, adjacent to the Tees barrage and white water canoeing / rafting course, and has the usual good CC facilities. There is a hotel and pub, the Talpore, next door, and you can get to Stockton centre via a one and a half mile riverside walk, where you can get river trips Yarm. Teesside Park is one mile away, with shops, restaurants, multi-screen cinema, bowling alley, casino and night club

Even though the Stockton site is on our doorstep, it's worth booking in for the Stockton-on-Tees firework display, saves battling with the traffic and you can go straight to the pub afterwards.

5th Nov

Through the Motorhome Fun website I had arranged to meet up with another couple Keith and Jean to watch the display.

The plan was for me to arrive at the site early, then when Dot finished work she would follow on in the Car, we would then use the car to pick up the girls from school the next day. Only the car was in the garage with a broken clutch, so the plan changed to Nicole would collect Dot from work, drop her off and come back with the twins, it time for the display.

I got there and drove round until I found Keith and Jean then parked next to them and after introductions they made me a cup of tea while I set the van up. Latter, after they had been out, I made tea for them.

Dot eventually arrived and as soon as we finished tea we called for Keith and Jean and set of to meet up with Nicole, Tim, the Twins and Tim's Parents, Jim and Jean.

Georgia and Emily with sparklersNicole and Georga bonfire night

As usual for bonfire night it was very very cold, after a good display we said goodbye to Nick and her lot and Me, Dot, Keith and Jean walked back to the Talpore for a couple of beers and a chat.

6th Nov

Picked the girls up from school got chips from a shop local to the school and drove back to the campsite for lunch.  There was a handy playground on site for the girls and we had a walk along the river and play by the white water course.

That night there was a wonderful sunset and at the time we thought that this was the last time we would by away this year, but we did use it again at Christmas to visit Ralph in Peterborough.

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