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Past Trips, UK 2007 York

York 2007

March 4th to 7th As usual we visit the CC site in York three or four times every year and the first time this year was for three nights, for my birthday in March.

It was very cold and this time we were away without the twins although they did come down to visit on my birthday and we all went out for a meal.   Just across the river to the Witherspoons, handy for the site and for feeding the twins.

Wetherspoons York 2007

As it was cold we spent the next couple of days in and around the shops and believe or not we actually got Christmas presents for the girls on offer from Argos and because the boxes were so big, we had to pick them up in the van on our way home.

September 1st to 5th

1st Sep

This time we did have the twins with us, we arrived (just after noon, you have to or you get a poor pitch) and was asked to switch off the engine while I checked in (even though Dot was in the van) never done that before but all of the staff seemed to be new to York. Got our usual pitch and as the sun was out Dot and the girls were playing by the van while I got food ready, when a group of people had a sort of service behind out van and left flowers and toys against the hedge.

We later heard that a little boy was knocked down on the site and later died in hospital. So I had been asked to switch off the engine but nothing else had been said about being careful or keeping speed down, nor were they forthcoming with information when asked.

Some time around the middle of November barriers were erected so that this type of accident would never happen again. The boy had ridden his bike out from behind the hedge, between a car and caravan that were passing at the time.

All this did put quite a damper on the holiday.

2nd Sep

Early the next day went to the park for the girls to play but it started to rain then Nicole and her friend Andrea came for a visit and on finding out about the accident put the flowers back to the front of the hedge from the position someone had moved them to.

As it had cleared up we went for a walk into town for lunch, at the Slug and Lettuce. The girls had a go on some small fairground rides on Davygate and then on the way back on a big ride near the river.

Train Ride, York 2007Carousel by the river, York

We walked back along the opposite side of the river to the campsite and over the millennium bridge into the park where the girls (all of them) spent ages in the playground. There was also an inflatable slide, bouncy castle and trampolines for them not to mention ice cream.

Rowntree Park York

3rd Sep

First thing in the morning the girls wanted to go back to the park and play on the inflatable slide, bouncy castle and trampolines, etc.

Inflatable slide, Rowntree Park YorkTrampolines, Rowntree Park York

Later we all went into town and had a walk along the river Ouse and had a picnic in the York Botanical Gardens.  We even had a couple of beers by the river, outside my favourite pub in York, the Kings Arms.


Then after a long day, on the way back to the campsite, we got fish and chips for supper.

4th Sep

Another day in the sun, mainly playing in Rowntree Park and we even went back to the pub for a couple, but it was very busy.

Giddy upGeorgia and Emily

5ht Sep

Popped into Thirsk on the way home to have our picnic lunch and feed the ducks under the bridge at Cod Beck, unfortunately the playground there had been vandalised.

Cod Beck, Thirsk

October 27th to 31st

27th October

This trip to Rowntree Park York for four nights, we only had the twins for one night this time and the weather was good again. After we got the van sorted we went for a walk along the river and a play in the park.

28th October

Nicole and Tim came down for the twins on the Sunday and we went out for a meal for Tim's birthday.

Tim's Birthday, York

When they left for home with the girls, they dropped Dot and I off at the Kings Arms (see previous entries on York), prices have gone up, its now £2.50 for a pint of bitter and a half larger and lime, a rise of 4 pence, still amazing value for money.

29th October

Next day we both have colds, we make the effort of sightseeing and shopping but our harts are not really in it so we retreat to the Kings Arms for warmth, good beer and for comfort. I could not even be bothered to get the camera out of my pocket.

30th October

Our last day there, was a copy of the day before with both of us felling worse than previously. Was actually glad to get home and that's not something I would usually say.

It was several weeks before we both felt better.

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